Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bowing Down Has a Price

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Mr. Obama, you and your party have enraged average Americans.  Whether or not the Democrats lose the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy, make no mistake -- your name was on the ticket alongside Martha Coakley's, and will be on every ballot in the 2010 election.  We have only just begun to fight your monstrous ideology with our votes and what's left of the change in our pockets.

The following article by James Lewis appeared today in American Thinker.

Obama showed the world how far he is from JFK's liberalism when he bowed down ostentatiously to two monarchs in a row --- the Saudi King, whose tribal kingdom confines women to the home, protects African slavery, and executes homosexuals; and the Emperor of Japan, in whose father's name Japanese soldiers massacred racially "inferior" Asians throughout the "Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere." Naturally the Chinese, who still hate the Japanese for what they did, simply went ballistic when Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor.  A month later China torpedoed the Copenhagen summit with exquisite timing, right after Obama invested his personal prestige in rescuing the Great Green Fraud of Eurosocialism. You can bet that the Chinese did that deliberately. It was payback, and it also protected their own economic development and their investment in US Treasuries.

On the other side of the world, Obama likes to show public contempt for the Brits, who are the source of American ideals of liberty. It was the Royal Navy that halted the African slave trade, if only belatedly, and it's Muslim Africans who still own black slaves today, two hundred years after the Brits swept slavery from the oceans. Just as it was Abe Lincoln, an American Republican, who ended slavery in America.

But mere facts don't mean diddly to the Left.

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