Friday, January 15, 2010

Tell us: Are Your Paychecks Getting Smaller in 2010?

Someone close to me has just received his first paycheck for January 2010. He said his pay dropped about $140/month, but he won't know for certain until the next paycheck. Friends of his claim their paychecks have decreased $520 and $800 per month, respectively. Those sums of money are substantial for average Americans, who will likely be shocked that they now lack the money to make a car payment or pay other bills. This is a slippery slope to a new misery index. Obamacare and all the other madness enacted by this insane Congress will only make matters worse for average people. Never forget these words from Obama.

Below are past warnings.

Senator Obama's Four Tax Increases for People Earning Under $250k
IRS Tables May Cancel Obama Tax Cut

Watch your paychecks. If you notice them getting smaller due to taxation, post your thoughts here so that we can track the consequences of electing a Democrat congress and a Democrat President.

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