Friday, January 8, 2010

The Dots Lead Straight To Obama's Doorstep

Cartoon by TobyToons. Click to enlarge.

Is there a teacher in the White House? Someone loan President Obama a pencil and teach him how to connect the dots to terrorism! It's stunning that an "intellectual", ex-college instructor like Obama should lack the common sense of average Americans when it comes to dealing with terrorists. President Joe Six-Pack would serve the American people better than a dithering, dissembling, disingenuous intellect like Obama. Who would you want at your side in the bloodied trenches if your life depended on him, Obama or Joe Six-Pack?

Most importantly, can you really trust someone like Obama who has supported third-world muslim tyrants, surrounded himself with communists and their acolytes, and whose allegiances remain questionable? Maybe Obama's "inability" to connect the dots is more sinister than we want to believe.

This is the reason the Framers of our Constitution attempted to protect America from a President who holds dual citizenship allegiances. (Also see this graphic.)

Dots Unconnected
Investor's Business Daily
Posted 01/07/2010

War On Terror: Getting bad news out as fast as possible is a timeworn political tactic, but the terrorism report released Thursday brings with it blame that this president cannot escape.

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