Monday, September 24, 2012

SOS! Writers Needed To Combat Illinois Voter Fraud

Help Needed:  Convince conservative writers to cover Sharon Meroni's efforts to combat voter fraud in Illinois and get her the 500 election judges she still needs!
By Kevin DuJan
September 24, 2012

Folks, there’s a big story here that needs to make national news and I need YOUR help in breaking it wide open.

This could actually end up being the biggest story of the 2012 elections…but it’s hard to get conservative writers to focus on anything in Illinois, since the past incompetence of the GOP in our state has made it something of a laughingstock nationally.

One woman — a mom from the suburbs of Chicago — took it upon herself to mount a crusade against voter fraud here in Illinois and she is close to shutting down at least two major avenues of fraud that Democrats have relied on for DECADES in Chicagoland.  She’s been threatened, bullied, maligned, and stonewalled…and that’s just by the cocktail-party-Republicans here who are still in the mindset of “let’s not upset the apple cart”.  Democrats hate this woman because systematically she’s gone after one avenue of voter fraud after another, removing layers of fraud that Democrats have built into Illinois elections since the first Mayor Daley was magically finding boxes of votes to give John F. Kennedy the edge in 1960.

Her name is Sharon Meroni and she needs your help today.
It’s down to the wire and Sharon still needs 500 Republican election judges in Cook County…and she needs them by this coming Thursday.
How you can help:
Please contact every conservative writer you can think of by email or fax today.  Let’s start making a list in this thread, and start putting the contact numbers down so others can write these people too.  We need to send out an S.O.S. to every big name out there and ask him or her to help Sharon get the 500 judges she needs.  In the past, this would have been a moment where I could call up Andrew Breitbart and ask him to help and he would have blasted his network and ultimately delivered the volunteers.  With Andrew gone, though, I don’t know anyone who’s filling that niche when action is needed.

Here is what Sharon needs:
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