Sunday, October 2, 2011

TwoLegsGood: D Day Is Coming


(Declaration Day for Palin)

By TwoLegsGood

Did General Eisenhower tell his footsoldiers the exact day and hour of D Day?


… because the General had to play his cards close to his chest regarding the date to prevent an enemy counteroffensive.

Were General Eisenhower’s troops upset because they didn’t know all of the strategic plans about D Day in advance?


… because they trusted the General’s years of military experience gave him the knowhow to launch the most effective campaign.

Did General Eisenhower fake out the enemy with double agents and phony intel regarding D Day?

Yes, google “Operation Fortitude.”

We are the foot soldiers; we are not privy to the General’s strategic intel.

Our job is to get fingers on the keyboards,

keep our powder dry,

say our prayers,

freeze our casseroles,

upgrade our phones,

sign up new TAMs (at,

volunteer at Organize4Palin (O4P),

throw UNDEFEATED pajama parties and beer bashes

because the day Palin declares for President – D Day – is coming.

By TwoLegsGood

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