Sunday, October 30, 2011

Justiagate Actors Linked To Barack Obama

The following article is a very good synthesis of the recent discovery by New Jersey attorney Leo Donofrio that the databases of, a pre-eminent online database of Supreme Court and other cases, was criminally altered so that legal and lay researchers would not be able to read Supreme Court opinions referencing the term "natural born" citizen. The hidden information proved that a natural born citizen is someone born on U.S. soil to parents who must both be citizens when their child is born.  Anchor babies, or anyone born on U.S. soil whose parent is not a U.S. citizen, become citizens due to the 14th Amendment (still under debate), but in any case, a child born under these conditions, according to the Supreme Court, cannot be defined as a "natural born" citizen. NBC is a subcategory of American citizenship. Those who hid this information wanted to change history, and get Obama into office.

Even though I have already linked articles about this issue on Jefferson's Rebels, this article in particular is a stunner because of the way the authors and commenters thread together a remarkable string of people and coincidences that lead, in one way or another, directly to Barack Obama.

By Miri and Renee
October 28, 2011

Attorney Leo Donofrio has exposed Justia, an Internet-based law library, for apparently scrubbing crucial information from Supreme Court rulings just prior to the 2008 election, possibly to protect Barack Hussein Obama II’s candidacy. 

The scrubbed information included any reference to a Supreme Court ruling, Minor v. Happersett, that defined the phrase natural born citizen.

Had the general public known about the SCOTUS ruling that defined natural born citizen, 2008 would have seen a very different election.  Many more Americans would have known that Barack Hussein Obama II was, and remains, ineligible for the presidency under the Constitution.  

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