Monday, October 10, 2011

O4P-CA: A Volunteer's Letter to Sarah Palin

The Honorable Sarah Palin

PO Box 871235

Wasilla, AK 99687

Dear Mrs. Palin;

It has been our pleasure this past year to volunteer at TEA Party events for Organize4Palin. Thank you for consistently speaking out against the policies of the Obama administration that are taking our country into insolvency and thank you for providing leadership on every important issue facing the country.

On Wednesday, as we were opening the mail which contained two new O4P tee shirts and two Palin for President buttons, we tuned into Mark Levin’s program and learned that we would be putting those items into storage. We were saddened to hear your announcement. The last time we had shed a tear over a politician was in 1976 when Ronald Reagan lost the nomination to Gerald Ford.

We were not sad for you or for us as we are baby boomers and mostly retired. We were sad for our children and grandchildren who are headed for a future of serfdom if the current course is not reversed. We do not see anyone in the Republican field of candidates who has the combination of experience and wisdom to lead this country back to smaller government and responsible world leadership. We do not see anyone who can lead sudden relentless reform.

You have said that your idea of the ideal candidate is not someone seeking the office pandering to voters, but rather a person who is reluctant to serve and is found by the people and asked to make a personal sacrifice and serve the country.

You owe us nothing, but still we respectfully ask that you reconsider your decision and make the sacrifice. Our young men and women in the military owe us nothing yet they serve with distinction. They serve because they know that their service is benefiting their country and making it a better place to live for their families.

Only one person can be President of the United States and it does matter who holds that title, for it is more a responsibility than a title. It requires a person who is trustworthy and honest, intelligent and caring, and who has an ability to anticipate the consequences of their actions. It requires an experienced leader. You will make a great President of the United States.

With the utmost respect,

Ernest and Carole Kapphahn

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  1. Sarah is our best choice for president. After looking at the other candidates, I noticed that there is a big gap in quality between our first and second choices.  I see nobody close to Sarah’s level.

    I trust that her decision has a lot of good reasoning that I don’t understand.
    God bless her. God bless us patriots, and the restoration of these United States.