Wednesday, October 19, 2011

O4P-CA: Keep Calm & Carry On

Perhaps recent events can best be described by O4P-CA's Susan and Ray of (E & O). Last month as anxiety swelled over Sarah Palin's delayed announcement; the creative team of E & O came out with another super cool (and free download) poster titled:

Keep Calm And Carry On.

This sensible rallying cry is conceivably more befitting today than it was a few short weeks ago. (NOTE TO SELF: Could one week in politics be like dog years?) The time between the Indianola speech and today seems like an eternity...

Reloading and moving forward with constructive goals is the best way to make sure our work continues.

For the past three years, both in public and in private, we've frequently talked about how this moment in history is not about Sarah Palin, or any one candidate.

This network, this movement, this crusade really always has been about creating and maintaining an engaged citizenry.

Someone will win the Whig GOP primary, and someone will win the 2012 presidential race.

Our country needs to be fixed. OBVI!

There's really only one way to put America back on the right track. And that is through an engaged citizenry. An engaged citizenry is key to effectively govern and pass an agenda of sudden and relentless reform.

Enthusiasm for the 2012 presidential race is up for grabs. With Sarah Palin not seeking the GOP nomination at this time, the focus has (wisely) shifted toward seizing the U.S. Senate.

Through an engaged citizenry we have a unique opportunity. The Republican Party is on the brink of a historic new dawn. Through our courage, our optimism, and our hard work, we can bring a significant invigoration to the party of Lincoln.

We have an opportunity to build a better future for all by taking up the gauntlet of resurrection and giving rebirth to the GOP.

In 2012, Democrats hold 23 of the 33 Senate seats that can be seized.

The bi-partisan animosity toward incumbents has only grown since the last election cycle.

If we work hard, and play our cards right we can look forward to even bigger gains in 2012.

1) We need to retain the House.

2) Come hell or high water we absolutely must seize the Senate.

3) We cannot lose focus and let presidential politics (via the LSM) dominate and exhaust all of our existence, our punch, and our energy.

Moving forward toward 2012 one thing is certain: We will see more political corruption. Political corruption in the media and political corruption in the permanent political class.

By keeping our determination and our commitment intact. We can advance, strengthen, and carry on as organized entities who work together toward the restoration of our founders values and principles--on every level of government.

By working together as an engaged citizenry we have the power to elect concrete and solid, constitutional conservative candidates who:

- Put country first.

- Understand that energy independence is the key element of our economic security and betterment that all Americans want and deserve.

- Believe in American Exceptionalism.

- Understand that American foreign policy should, above all, be founded in our national interest, and not the interests of others.

Let's stay calm, let's stay focused, and together let's restore America.

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