Saturday, October 8, 2011

Obama's EPA Turning Off America's Power Supply -- Literally!

By Jazz Shaw
October 8, 2011

Last month we told you about energy plants in both Kentucky and Indiana which are facing the prospect of shutting down far ahead of schedule because of pending EPA regulations. These closures come at a tremendous cost which, as always, will be passed on to the consumer. We also noted that these were not isolated examples, and more of the same should be expected. Now a new report from the Institute for Energy Research has identified an alarming number of additional plants which face a similar fate. The total cost to the power grid is a staggering 28 gigawatts of production.


Investor's Business Daily
October 7, 2011

Energy: Those who fancy themselves to be green progressives are about to get some unwelcome "progress." Thanks in part to environmental rules, electricity bills are headed for double-digit increases.

"Americans," the Daily Beast/Newsweek reports, "are about to get another kick in the wallet."

A review of regulatory filings by the news source found that "utilities are seeking permission to pass on hundreds of millions of dollars in new charges to customers to help upgrade aging infrastructure and build new or retrofitted power plants that comply with tougher environmental regulations."

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