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Political Obsession and the Price of Apathy

Obsession: (1) a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequency especially in a way that is not normal. (2) someone or something that a person thinks about constantly or frequently. (3) an activity that someone is very interested in or spends a lot of time doing.
Richard Nixonwas the 37th President of the United States and whose legacy will forever be the Watergate Scandal, code name Operation Deep Throat that occurred in 1972. Five men were caught breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters located at the Watergate business complex. When investigation went into processing, Nixon and his advisors chose to cover-up the incident. Few will remember that President Nixon made profound statements like:
The people's right to change what does not work is one of the greatest principles of our system of government.
The US Congress and political elements of the executive branch over the decades have been guilty of continuing the same policies and ideologies despite proof that they do not work or achieve results expected or professed. 

The gist of this problem is based on the refusal to use the articles and amendments of the US Constitution as the foundation for all laws and regulations in the United States; primarily because those that operate our government have ignored and downplayed the important principles of the check-and-balance system as well as the limitations prescribed in the articles of the Constitution so meticulously and wisely by the architects and founders of our nation. Bureaucrats, effectively political prostitutes, have continued to point the blame everywhere but where the problematic sources have originated.
For example: blaming economical problems on corporate greed, blaming high prices of petroleum products on the oil companies, and blaming the 'Baby Boomer' generation for the depleting “Trust” fund of Social Security, to name a few.
Despots and dictators become powerful leaders because of a prime reason: obsession. History reveals such a phenomenon with infamous characters like Mao of China, Hitler of Nazi Germany, military command of the Imperial Japanese who used the power and veneration of the Japanese Emperor to fulfill their obsession of tyranny and domination. Nixon was also obsessed, having failed more than once to become president. Whether he gave the order to put in place Operation Deep Throat or not, the guilt that was to lead to his impeachment was caused by his obsession and not being honest to the People that voted him into office.
Today we have a president who has been fabricated by political handlers of a political entity, his associations and his personal background were covered up to ensure that the political cartel would be successful in getting him elected as president. BH Obama also has obsessions that feeds his egotistical personality, narcissism, and lives a life that has been fabricated and filled with lies. Surely someone could blame the continued corruption of the political entity called the Democrat(ic) Party; but the gist of the problematic phenomenon lies upon the People who elected him and those that elect candidates for the wrong reasons, whether it is the president or a member of Congress. It has been difficult to choose candidates as the decades rolled by since FDR because the media has also become corrupted and developed the power of controlling information instead of disseminating it objectively with the principle of being the 'eyes and ears' of the people. Instead, it has been the mouthpiece for political propaganda and corrupt policies.
Stalin, another infamous character of history, signed a pact with Hitler to carve up Europe and a proposed communist and national socialist treaty which Hitler never intended to keep. FDR and reluctantly Churchill decided that the enemy of our enemy should be our friend, and so the triple alliance was formed to destroy the strong and resourceful Nazi regime in its mad determination to control Europe and North Africa; leaving the Eastern world and Polynesia to the control of the Imperial Japanese.
Nazi Germany was difficult to defeat because of its technological advancement of German scientists and engineers as well as the German pride in efficiency who had the best equipped military in the world.
Imperial Japanese were difficult to defeat because of their political-religious tradition of emperor worship and the desire to expand Japan that was limited to an island nation.
Up to most recent history, wars have been fought against a nation with combatants who wore significant uniforms. Generally it was easy to distinguish who the enemy was until the United States got involved with the conflict between North and South Vietnam under the policy to not allow communism to expand any further than it already had. Yet, Stalin was allowed to divide defeated Germany and control the states of Eastern Europe that became satellite states of the Soviet Union. The enlarged network of spies and infiltrators allowed communism to take hold in the Americas – including the United States, thanks to the Democrat Party who refused to believe that infiltration of communists had reached the political and social infrastructure of the United States. It would have stained the constructed image of their political demagogue, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a man who wrongfully interned Americans of Japanese descent into camps. Society turned its head because of their anger over the Pearl Harbor attack by the Imperial Japanese naval air force.
The biggest threat today is the corruption of our political system that infiltrated communist and socialist ideology has developed with insane political ideology like “political correctness”.
Continued is the policy in the federal government not to alter solutions to problematic policies and ideology, making only temporary repairs and never seeing that they are only slightly postponing the inevitable internal destruction. There is a political obsession in the United States on two fronts: those that believe that socialism is better than the constitutional republic that the Founders created and those who believe that Islamic fascism will go away if we learn to understand them and be tolerant of a theocratic system that is intolerant and are obsessed with a global theocracy domination whose doctrine belongs in the 7th century and not the 21st century.
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
And …
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
The Clarion Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 located in Washington, DC and dedicated to:
...exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism while providing a platform for the voices of moderation and promoting grassroots activism.
The Clarion Project is structured like the 'think tanks' – Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Claremont Institute, Heartland Institute, Hoover Institution, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Pew Research Center, Hudson Institute, and Tax Foundation to name a few if the most notable.
The Clarion Project has produced some compelling and informative film documentaries, the most notable being: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, TheThird Jihad, and Iranium. I have posted “Obsession” at the end of this article, but suggest you view the other two as well, available via YouTube. The only problem I have had with the Clarion Project is that they backed John McCain in the presidential election. Despite being a POW himself, he thwarted the attempt to find MIA veterans allegedly still held in Vietnam (just as FDR did when there was compelling evidence that Stalin ordered that Americans in freed German POW camps were taken to Russia and kept there), his involvement in scandals (Keating Five most prominent) and his non-Republican political platform policies that include voting against important funding for VA and depreciation of veteran benefits guaranteed by Congress.
These films have been dubbed by The Huffington Post, a leftist Internet media entity, as “right-wing, terror propaganda”. Attitudes such as that combined with the political correctness mentality that has infiltrated our education system and now our military infrastructure, defers from the truth – we have been at war since September 11, 2001 and our leadership has not officially declared it or have treated it as so. The war was declared upon the United States (Great Britain, Israel, and the agenda of world domination) even before 9/11; but our leadership as well as other nations have ignored the warnings first made by the Reagan administration.
Islamic fascism has infiltrated our nation and cultural infrastructure via organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and is allowed to continue despite proof of their support of terrorist and Islamic fascist activities, here and abroad.
FDR administration ushered in the infiltration of communism that Woodrow Wilson did with socialism. It was an introduction to the United States a movement to replace the constitutional republic with a government where bureaucracy grows, constitutional limitations are ignored, and government control increased to the point that it created the problems that have escalated over the decades with intrusive and restrictive regulations that do nothing but increase the control of government over the people.
While George W. Bush began an effort to combat Islamic fascism, dubbed the “War Against Terrorism” - the program still did not address the root of the problem or recognize that Islamic fascists had infiltrated our political and social infrastructure, and is headed towards what Europeans are experiencing in the name of tolerance and political correctness as well as the fallout of accepting socialism as a form of government. History shows that socialism and communism do not work for the professed benefit of the people; the effect is the opposite.
Here is the film “Obsession” and I recommend viewing the other two films in order to get a realistic and factual background of a movement that caused the Crusades in the medieval era and now rears its head in the 20th and 21st century whose doctrine was established in the 7th century …

If We the People want to save our nation, to see real reformation take place, we must accept the fact that we are at war with a dangerous and fanatical enemy who is threatening advancement has become a global concern and will most likely lead to another world war. 
We spend funding and military resources to defend the border between North and South Korea - but our own border remains porous while illegal invaders stream into the United States undermining our national security, economy, and increasing criminal elements and crime rates. It is time to perform a thorough and logical reformation, starting with reestablishing the constitutional republic with a limited government and reformed foreign policy that demonstrate strength in resolve and limiting our involvement in the affairs of other nations unless proved necessary.
The government cannot be reformed until society reforms itself, for it is society, voters, who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that constitutionalists are elected and not political corrupt prostitutes.
Knowledge is power and it is why corrupt governments want control of knowledge, which in turn controls the people. A transparent government is a government that can be trusted.

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