Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alarmists Focus Upon the Wrong Scenario

Iranian Solution
When progressives feel their nonsensical ideology is being threatened or they cannot intellectually continue in an intelligent discussion, they turn to name calling: “Islamophobic” and “Tea Bagger” are two prime examples. Meanwhile as they swallow their indoctrination like some righteous cure-all pill, collectivism replaces individual liberties and their contempt of the Constitution and its amendments is replaced with an American version of socialism, like they promote here in Wisconsin as the “Wisconsin Idea”.
Once again, economic downturn and fear of the future they insist upon their form of government being the hallowed savior from problems they have caused, evil empires are forming.
Islamic fascism has replaced the Nazi scheme of superiority and a theocratic plan of a form of “Final Solution” and the Chinese replace the global domination goals of the Imperial Japanese.
China is building man-made islands in the South China Sea and the Pacific rim, turning them into military installations strategically located in major sea lanes of commerce. China is building its maritime force that includes anti-carrier missiles and gobbling up foreign resources every chance it can get. China has been active in hacking into agencies that can provide them with data and information that would support their historical actions of stealing others technology and seeking to find weak parts of infrastructure via cyber attacks.
Forbes reported:
Market observers reported in April that China has surpassed the United States as the world's largest oil importer.
Keith Johnson wrote, May 11, 2015:
China's continued and, indeed, deepening reliance on volatile regions for the world for energy supplies, especially the Middle East, points to continued security vulnerabilities for Beijing for decades to come. China is increasing its reliance from Saudi Arabia and natural gas imports from Russia, and any possible political unrest in the Middle East or Eastern Europe could cause supply interruptions. … Chinese leadership is hedging its geopolitical risk by growing a strategic crude oil reserve and increasing its natural gas import ability. Communist party leaders have articulated a vision of reduced economic dependence on exported manufacture products in favor of domestic consumption. … China has become what Japan was in the late 1930s: energy dependent.
Islamic fascist leadership is in the middle of a Jihad where, unlike the Nazi, are not just relying upon direct confrontation, but also indirect attack by subversion of social and civic infrastructure, for the most part blessed by pacifists who believe that submission will breed peace, but instead are falling into their web of deceit and theocratic agenda of world domination.
Scientists and politicians are pursuing the false god of “global warming” considering the junk science consensus as part of national defense issues.
The opportunity of history repeating itself is in front of our face and looming in the not-to-distant future and we are stuck with a narcissist leader in the White House and a Congress who is more concerned about special interests rather than true reformation of the socio-political structure that is ushering in chaos.
Iran continues its nuclear weapon delivery systems development with the help of China and Russia and encouraged by US leadership weakness. Iran is also providing paramilitary personnel to Yemen and other Islamic State battle fronts; yet President Obama insists Iran can be trusted with nuclear capabilities.
Meanwhile, China recently unveiled their long-range drone.
There have been warning signals for the last decade, but leadership have either ignored or provided feeble disapproval, too fearful to stop the acceleration towards global chaos that is commonly called 'World War'.
It appears that insanity appears to be the norm globally rather than the isolated exception. People concern themselves with natural climatic cycles that we cannot alter, while the path to self-destruction continues without decisive action that can be averted.

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  1. All of it scarily true. The Greatest Generation died for nothing, as did all our young men and women recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. My son is understandably angry, as are we.
    People we elected just a few months ago, with promises of change, have become the same as the people who are destroying the country. Sad times we live in.
    God bless.