Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ted Cruz: "On The Issues"

Ted Cruz has been spotlighted in public view with his crusade against business-as-usual 'Washington Cartel'. He is a constitutionalist and spoke out against the US Supreme Court legislating from the bench regarding ObamaCare and Same-Sex Marriage issues. Since he uses the Constitution as a guideline, he has stated that marriage issues should not be addressed at federal level, but at state level. He has opposed the growing bureaucracy of the federal government and the sad state our foreign affairs are in. 
Here is a listing of his statements on issues from On the Issues:
  • Opposes public abortion funding (2012)
  • Opposes churches providing birth control. (2012)
  • Companies can deny insuring birth control. (2012)

  • Top 1% under Obama got fat & happy while workers are hurting. (2015)
  • Lost Generation: Obama agenda hammers young people. (2014)
  • Balanced budget amendment to stop bankrupting our country. (2014)
  • Choice is more federal spending or free markets and liberty. (2012)
  • Supports the Cut-Cap-and-Balance Pledge (2012)
  • Audit the Federal Reserve and its actions on mortgage loans. (2013)

  • Overturn Supreme Court with anti-gay marriage Amendment. (2014)
  • Opposes gay pride parades and opposes gay marriage. (2012)
  • One-man-one-woman marriage is building block of society. (2011)
  • Disallow Ku Klux Klan from participating in Adopt-A-Highway (2011)
  • Sponsored state definition of marriage supersedes federal gay marriage. (2014)

  • Get senseless obstacles from Washington out of the way. (2015)

  • World Court should have no say in Texas executions. (2011)
  • Fully monitor sexual predators and bring them to justice. (2011)
  • Supports the death penalty. (2012)

  • No entries for this category.

  • Education decisions best made at local level. (2012)
  • Denounce the Common Core State Standards. (2014)

  • Fight against Golf moratorium on offshore exploration. (2011)
  • Signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by AFP. 2012)
  • Cap-and-Trade has no impact on global temperatures. (2010)
  • Let states lease energy rights on federal lands.

  • Don't pick winners and losers like RFS' ethanol in gasoline. (2015)
  • Voted no on protecting ocean, coastal, and Great Lake ecosystems. (2013)

  • Opposes the unrelenting assault on traditional marriage. (2015)

  • Cuba is oppressive but never misses chance to propagandize. (2014)
  • Vigorous sanctions against Putin; help eastern Ukraine. (2014)
  • America is indispensable; our allies need our leadership. (2014)
  • Sanctions on Putin for Ukraine: tyrants respond to weakness. (2014)
  • US has a responsibility to defend our values abroad. (2014)

  • Defended Chinese company on intellectual property theft. (2012)
  • Dewhurst lying about defending Chinese intellectual property. (2012)

  • Executive actions override Congress & the Constitution. (2014)
  • Stop IRS from asking: 'tell me the content of your prayers'. (2014)
  • Presidents should not pick and choose laws to enforce. (2014)
  • End Washington cronyism via Congressional term limits. (2014)
  • Obama dishonors Constitution through bypass of Congress. (2014)
  • Obama's executive orders is open door for future lawlessness. (2014)
  • Debt ceiling limits “blank check” of federal spending. (2014)
  • Democrats want to get as many Americans as possible dependent. (2012)
  • Head of the Center for Tenth Amendment Studies. (2011)
  • Require voters to show ID to avoid voter fraud. (2011)
  • Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill. (2010)
  • Audit federal agencies, to reform or eliminate them. (2010)
  • Moratorium on all earmarks until budget is balanced. (2010)
  • Prohibit IRS audits targeting Tea Party political groups. (2014)

  • Opposes unreasonable and burdensome gun restrictions. (2011)
  • Voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets. (2013)
  • Opposes restricting Second Amendment. (2012)
  • Opposes the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty. (2013)

  • Washington wants ObamaCare, the people want liberty. (2015)
  • Support nuns' battle for religious liberty against ObamaCare. (2015)
  • Government shutdown on ObamaCare worked: GOP won in 2014. (2014)
  • Obama changed ObamaCare mandate deadline by a blog post. (2014)
  • Obama asked companies to disobey ObamaCare rules for a year. (2014)
  • 5 million had health insurance canceled because of ObamaCare. (2014)
  • Vow to repeal ObamaCare. (2012)
  • Save Medicare by raising eligibility age. (2012)
  • Defund, repeal, and replace federal care with free market. (2010)
  • Supports market-based health insurance. (2012)

  • Torture was rightly outlawed, but keep tactics classified. (2014)
  • Americans who join ISIS should be barred from coming home. (2014)
  • Vital role for deploying military force abroad. (2014)
  • Opposes TSA and National Defense Authorization Act. (2012)
  • Fierce advocate of recruiting and growing the military. (2011)
  • Support banning military gay marriage. (2012)
  • Sponsored opposing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. (2013)

  • End Obama's illegal amnesty via Congress' check & balances. (2014)
  • Defund amnesty; refuse any nominees until rescinded. (2014)
  • No path to citizenship for 1.65 million illegals in Texas. (2012)
  • Give police more power to ask about immigration status. (2012)
  • Boots on the ground and a wall. (2012)
  • Triple the size of Border Patrol. (2012)
  • Strengthen border security and increase enforcement. (2011)

  • Raising minimum wage by executive fiat opposes rule of law. (2014)
  • Lowest labor force participation in over three decades. (2014)
  • Extending unemployment benefits exacerbates joblessness. (2012)

  • I'm despised by GOP establishment, but so was Reagan. (2015)
  • We win elections by bold principles and a positive agenda. (2014)
  • Washington would be better with more farmers and fewer lawyers. (2014)
  • Great Awakening: response to mess from career politicians. (2012)
  • OpEd: His law firm donated $200,000 to Obama's campaign. (2012)
  • Defend Ten Commandments and “under God” in the Pledge. (2011)
  • Endorsed member of the Tea Party movement. (2012)
  • Rated 100% by the AU, indicating opposition to separation of church & state. (2013)

  • Raise retirement age; cap increases to inflation rate. (2012)
  • Transition younger workers into personal savings system. (2012)
  • Pro-privatization. (2013)

  • Abolish the IRS. (2015)
  • Permanent Washington elite protects the tax code. (2012)
  • Adopt a single-rate tax system. (2010)
  • Repeal tax hikes in capital gains and death tax. (2010)
  • Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. (2012)
  • Opposes increasing tax rates. (2012)
  • Supports eliminating inheritance tax. (2012)

  • Net neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet. (2014)
  • Voted NO on authorizing states to collect Internet sales taxes. (2013)

  • Provide defense weapons for Ukraine against Russia. (2015)
  • Arm the Kurds to fight ISIS with US air support. (2015)
  • Focused, direct military objective of destroying ISIS. (2015)
  • Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age. (2014)
  • Don't arm Syrian rebels without a clear plan to combat ISIS. (2014)
  • Bomb ISIS with Congress' approval. (2014)
  • Install European ABMs; stand up to Russia in Ukraine. (2014)
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan went on too long. (2012)
  • Sponsored shutting down Iranian foreign reserves. (2013)

  • Government checks create dependency. (2012)

Cruz is weak in several areas; while strong in others. Hopefully this will be improved as time draws closer to official campaign season.

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