Friday, May 1, 2015

Hillary's Long List of "Mistakes"

If you follow the political and economic career of Hillary Clinton, whenever a scandal arises that shows unethical or illegal actions, it is written off as a "mistake". Like, it was a "mistake" when her law firms records that was supposed to be turned over to the authorities, found in a closet at the White House when the Clintons moved in.
The "mistake" of $6 billion unaccounted for during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State - and the now more "mistakes" or so-called "errors" show that the Clinton Foundation did not report millions of dollars of foreign donations.
Reuters reported that the Clinton "charities" will be refiling tax returns and will undergo another audit.
As a senator, Hillary's record shows that she did not earn her congressional paycheck. Her record as Secretary of State would be uneventful if it wasn't for her obvious incompetence and criminal actions (like Benghazi), certainly could not be deemed productive as far as any benefit for the United States concerning foreign affairs.
Despite all of this, she has the audacity to begin her campaign to become the "first woman president"; expecting everyone, as too many in the past have done, to ignore her history of "mistakes". In almost every scandal that the Clintons were involved in, people were prosecuted and some went to prison, while Bill and Hillary marched on without a noticeable slowing of their political step.
Based on the history of her "mistakes" and "errors" alone, why would anyone trust her to represent the United States as President, and become our commander-in-chief? Obama has not improved the economy, as his predecessor failed to do; and has set up our nation for a serious national security problem - a disaster worse than Americans have ever had to endure. And now Obama's comrade of the democratic-socialist party, Hillary Clinton, wants We the People to put her in the White House.
What a joke, if the situation was not so serious.

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