Monday, May 4, 2015

Collectorz - DVD Database Review

I purchased the Collectorz video database so I could keep track of my DVDs, organize them, and easily find movies to select for viewing. The program worked great and cost me $30.
Each time there was an upgrade, it would cost me at least $10, no problem. Now upgrades cost $49.95.
No problem, I said, if I don't want or need an upgrade, no problem. I am happy with the version I have because it does what I want it to do. When I purchased the original program I bought the CD version to keep in software library in case I purchased a new computer or had a crash.
Unfortunately, Collectorz decided that it would force people to upgrade to their latest version by putting a block on it so you cannot use it to add new DVDs; as I found out. You can use the database with what is already in the library, but when adding a new one to your collection - sorry, the pop-up says, you must upgrade to use it.
Too bad because Collectorz not only offers a database program for movies, but also books, games, comics, and music.
I guess some folks get too greedy.

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