Thursday, May 14, 2015

AMTRAK Train Wreck and Media Credibility

The major networks are quickly using the Amtrak tragedy for their own ideological push. It has already been determined that the train wreck was caused by a speed twice that which is allowed at the particular point where the wreck occurred in Pennsylvania; yet the media is calling for a focus upon infrastructure and more funding.  The engine of the train that wrecked is only one year old, but the media insists because of lack of funding the national rail system is antiquated.

The prime concern of the media is to provide sensationalism in their news reporting, attracting the public, making money. It is not a sin to want to be successful in anything that anyone does for a career, but the gist of journalism should always be objectivity - being the eyes and ears of the public, not the mouthpiece for politicians or propaganda for their own political ideology.
The usefulness of the media is overplayed, because of how it has evolved. Part of the problem is that people depend too much on the media, especially when choosing a candidate to vote for because they end up choosing what the media wants you to choose. During elections they ignore the independent politicians, and when not being ignored, provide as much negative reporting as possible - even if they must make things up or rely on circumstantial evidence. This means that the media has gained control over the election process. It also means that the media, like the federal government, requires some serious reformation; but this cannot be done without the enlightenment of the public that is contrary to what the government controlled educational curriculum provides. It means that the public must use the vast network of information on the Internet in order to find a complete and truthful background on candidates campaigning for your vote. However, thanks to the Obama administration, the Internet is going to be under the thumb of federal control, meaning that like the educational institutions will end up only informing what they want the people to know, not what is truth.
We the People have to return the power back to the people, away from the corrupted government and its media minion.

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