Thursday, September 18, 2014

Obama Foreign Policy and Latest Plan: Insane

The Obama administration and indeed now Congress are apparently dead set on “arming” Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS. These are the same folks to which the president referred to as doctors, farmers, and pharmacists and said any endeavor to arm them was a “fantasy.” Well, looks like that fantasy is about to come true.
Problem is that the resolution will most likely pass, especially since it is being added to a stop-gap funding bill to keep government open until early December. Same old politics.
Our commander-in-chief recently gave military members the pink slip in downsizing our military so government can save funds to spend foolishly somewhere else. Now Obama wants to hire individuals to fight the enemy of the United States and all free nations, ISIS. Once again, Obama is just siding with one faction of Islam to combat another, using taxpayer funding to pay an outsource entity when the US cannot afford to pay its own military.
The bill, when signed, will authorize $500 million. History shows that supporting one faction of Islamists against another, like the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, proved not to be cost effective and a failure.
We did so in Afghanistan supporting the Mujahideen against the Soviets and that gave way to what became the Taliban and ultimately al-Qaida. We should never forget that it was Osama bin Laden who fought with the Mujahids. If you want recent history, just look at Libya where we armed and supported Islamists forces to overthrow Qaddafy — and what has been the result? We had an American Special Mission Compound (SMC) attacked, four dead Americans (to include an Ambassador), and the evacuation of our embassy. We hear the U.S. will monitor the Syrian rebels to ensure our weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands — we did a crappy job of that in Libya.
Once again, directly or indirectly, or both – we will be arming elements that is just as bad as the 'enemy'. As West stated:
Even more disconcerting is that the action on the amendment and the underlying funding bill are likely to be the last major acts of Congress before they adjourn for the final stretch ahead of the midterm elections. So our elected representatives will pass some mess and then run home and ask for your vote?
The United States is making the same mistake ancient Rome did – outsource (mercenary) it military to deal with invaders. Islamic Jihadism is global because they have infiltrated many nations, not to assimilate, but to subvert and dominate.
In the meantime, Obama has expanded aid to West Africa by sending military at an added cost of $763 million to fight the spread of Ebola; allegedly preventing its spread to the United States. He is deploying 3,000 US military personnel to lead the project. Obama stated:
Responding to the Ebola outbreak is a top national security priority.
Meanwhile, he ignores the plight at the southern border, where illegal immigrants pour over the border without the illegal immigration process of medical examination. Who knows what diseases are being brought over the border? So how does spending money in West Africa prevent Ebola from spreading here?
American voters should be keeping note as to who will vote for this nonsense – and make it clear this November election, that We the People no longer want a government of 'politics as usual'.
The enemy of free nations will have its way because the worst enemy we have is those we choose as leadership. Daily Surge shows that Kerry, Biden and Obama possess the 'worst judgment possible'. While Barbara Boxer stated:
I think it is shocking and a sad state of affairs that we heard just now such angry comments aimed at you, Mr. Secretary, and through you at our president, instead of at ISIS … I think it's shocking. I'm actually shaking.
Mrs. Hypocrite Boxer forgets her outrageous verbal attacks against GW Bush administration and his fight against terrorism that was indeed a “sad state of affairs”.

Here is the video of what Boxer refers to when Senator Bob Corker grills John Kerry:

Notice in the video behind Kerry the little pink signs sponsored by the Code Pink weirdos. 
Obama created this mess because he has during his entire time in office supported those who are part of this mess. He has lied and stated that it was not his idea nor fault that troops were withdrawn from Iraq before not insuring that Iraq armed forces could handle their own defense. Obama has made a diplomatic mess in Egypt, Syria and Libya - attacking the latter without congressional approval, supports an open US border policy and amnesty proposal that encourages more illegal immigrants to pour over the border increasing national security issues and the possibility of spreading diseases through that broken conduit of our border.
From David Huntwork:

If anyone could just pick out the "moderate" Syrian rebels from the list below I'd appreciate it. From Wikipedia.
Syria Syrian National Coalition Armed Forces
Free Syrian Army
Syria Revolutionaries Front Logo.gif Syria Revolutionaries Front
Harakat Hazm

Allied armed groups
Islamic Front
Al-Nusra Front
Khorasan Group[42]
Army of Mujahedeen[43]
Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union[44]
Ansar al-Deen Front[45]
Ghuraba al-Sham[46]
Jund al-Sham (Lebanese group)
Abdullah Azzam Brigade[47]
Fatah al-Islam[47][48][49]
Ansar al-Islam
Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance[50]
Turkistan Islamic Party[51]
Muslim Brotherhood of Syria[52]
Syria Authenticity and Development Front[53][54]
Syria Free Syrian Union[55]
Junud al-Sham[56]
Jaysh al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah
Deir-ez Zor Sharia Court[57]
Syria Brigade of al-Qaka
Syria Revolutionary Council
Syria Tawafiq[58]
Fajr al-Islam[59]
Kurdish Katibat al-Taliban
Liwa al-Tawhid wal-Jihad[60]
Syria Liwa al-Asifa[61]
Ansar al-Khalifa Brigade[62]
People's Liberation Faction[63]
Nour al-Din al-Zanki Islamic Brigades
Sham Legion[64]
Shields of the Revolution Council[65]
Alwiya al-Furqan[66]
Group of the One and Only[67]
Northern Sun Battalion[68]
Nahrwan Al-Sham[69]

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