Friday, September 26, 2014

Obama and the Political Machine

Barack H. Obama used Alinsky as a role model for political and social ideology. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama did not bother to hide his progressive socialism – especially in the 2012 election. By then, the people had been duped or thought that anyone against his policies and actions were just being racist.
An excellent article at PJ Media by J. Christian Adams explains how Obama rose up to be a progressive “liberal” socialist, using a tactic called “Catalist” plus the help of the most powerful political machine that began in the days of FDR and Al Capone: the Cook County (Chicago) Political Machine

The data feeding the central Catalist database are coming from a wide swath of sources. Public records, pollsters, campaigns, non-profits, activist groups, unions, parties, commercial data — scores and scores of sources are feeding the central database data.
For example, when an environmental group does neighborhood door knocking for cash, the results of those contacts are fed into Catalist.
You have your own individual voter file in Catalist. Everyone does.
Under that file might be a massive amount of information about you — more than probably exists in any other database in the world. Whom you work for, what car you might drive, donations you have made, assumptions based on your neighborhood, anything in a public government database about you, consumer preferences, partisan preferences, what licenses you have, what you might have said to pollsters on the phone, memberships, how you treated the young left-wing activist knocking on your door a few years ago, and on and on and on.
Each group working with Catalist feeds the central database. Different groups have different types of data about you. Some data relate to economics. Other data relate to politics. Either way, the Borg all work in unison to fill the database with a massive amount of information about every American — and all of it is perfectly legal . . .
Catalist provides much more sophisticated and much more granular data about subsets of Americans. The degree of granularity was never possible before Catalist . . .
The most important thing Catalist allows the left to do is drive deeper into the pool of extreme left-wing Americans who are otherwise unmotivated to actually vote.
Catalist allows customers to identify potential voters on the far ideological fringe, but who are usually unmotivated to vote. Catalist allows the left to then identify issues, concerns, or other lifestyle facts which would permit a customer to motivate the usually unmotivated on that fringe to vote.
As Adams wrote:
Obama thrives politically by satisfying his base. Simply, Catalist is a game changer not just for politics, but for policy. It is the left’s machinery for fundamentally transforming America. … Unfortunately, Republicans have no functioning counterpart data tool to Catalist. They have multiple and competing shells of Catalist, but they have nothing on the collaborative scale as Catalist, largely due to the fact that Republicans won’t collaborate and are fiercely territorial of their competing data sets. The best the GOP has done to mimic this event is to give “walk and knock” lists to volunteers who are not from the neighborhood, and certainly not armed with particular messaging. Or, the GOP bothers the target with telephone calls or a direct mail campaign containing at best a whiff of microtargeting. … Consider the course charted by some GOP leaders: while they have sought to steer a middle course between Democrats and the Tea Party, Catalist is rendering moderation obsolete. … While Romney pivoted to the middle after the primaries and tried to attract moderate and independent voters, Obama used Catalist to create a bigger base. Obama’s message was a leftist message, even during the debates. The idea was to drive turnout on the far left (x axis) and to identify Americans on the far left who would usually be unmotivated to vote.
And, the other way that Democrats have been winning since at least the 1930s is cheating, not pertaining to individuals as in the GOP, but as a political entity's entirety. Multiple votes by one person, dead people voting, busing homeless paid to vote at the polls, propaganda, intimidation, et cetera. Not truly a good picture of the United States, is it?
It could change before 2016, but presently, only 25% of Americans polled think Hillary Clinton would be a better president than the present 'great pretender'. 
 Is it not sad that the people chose the "first 'Black' president, for reasons primarily because of that?
There were several qualified African Americans who could step up to the plate, but the GOP decided to back the Republican 'poster boy' whose election losses are history.  
What is needed is constitutionalists, whatever party they do or do not belong to - in Congress and the Executive Office; which then will start cleaning out the federal government of its overweight bureaucracy and unconstitutional actions and policies.
That can only happen if the American majority wakes up to see what is happening and why a government not limited, as prescribed by our Constitution, will end up cutting its own throat. Therefore, if anyone expects to see true reformation, We the People, have to be self-educated in the matters of the Constitution and once again believe that character and integrity are important virtues.

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