Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Climate Change Summit: Continued Waste of Funding and Resources

I cannot believe that the media puts any stock in what the climate doomsday crowd have to say, and worse, politicians are still wasting taxpayer funding and critical government time to bother with it. Here is an explanation by guru, Al Gore, who, with wealthy friends, planned to make money in this political alarmist.
One would think after the Climategate email scandal, people would wake up to the fact that Al Gore and junk scientists looking for grant money duped them. In 2009, servers at the University of East Anglia in Britain were illegally hacked and email was stolen. Certain select email was published on the Internet, pointing toward a dupe by junk scientists. Investigations conducted in 2010 allegedly cleared the scientists of any wrongdoing. The major problem that alarmists have ignored the long climate history of Earth, insisting that the 'global warming' climate change is caused by the presence of humanity, specifically the industrialized civilizations.
Of course, since that time, the progressive socialists and their buddy scientists have changed the wording of the doomsday scenario from global warming to climate change, covering themselves in case an ice age occurs instead of a tropical paradise.

Of course, anyone who disagrees with the alarmists are called 'deniers' – but people insist that political movement has taken on the ridiculous science of people like Bill McKibben
Notice the maniac look in McKibben's eyes on this video, indicating he needs psychiatric help.
The arctic still has not melted as McKibben and other morons predicted – all ignoring the natural cycles of weather and climate that is primarily governed by the action of the Sun, a star in our solar system. Pollution is a problem in certain areas of the world. I so sick of the propaganda that blames everything on 'fossil' fuel – once again showing their ignorance in that fossils does not produce oil, but natural pressure and processes occurring in the Earth. I mean how can one take a guy seriously who blames not only use of crude oil while driving around in automobiles and flying in planes that depend upon it; but blame 'second-hand' smoke from cigarette smokers part of the problem. I am sure that McKibben has summer BBQ's that is truly second-hand smoke – more dangerous with sulfur content than any cigarette. People like McKibben makes me nauseous.
Recent weather patterns shows that there is a cooling process in some regions of the world. When was the last time did you hear of snow falling in Rome, Italy?
Progressive socialists like McKibben and others constantly reveal their hypocrisy, and whose ideology and political movements are destroying the United States economically; as well as filling our children's head with nonsense that is doctrine in government-controlled educational institutions.
President Obama, like the Bush administration, has sponsored United Nations climate summits, which Obama will be attending this week; seeking an agreement to curb emissions of CO2, that our great national leader calls carbon pollution. His buddy, John Kerry, recently stated (and proves he is mentally ill like Joe Biden, or assumes that the pubic is deluded) that climate change is as urgent as fighting against ISIS and Ebola – yet our southern border remains unsecured, and Obama has ordered thousands of illegal aliens to be encamped in America awaiting amnesty and immigration procedures that will increase the progressive voting base, falsely disguised as humanitarianism.
A biologist or botanist knows the truth – CO2 is the elixir of life. That is grade school science about the subject of photosynthesis. Plant life uses carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight;  and, in turn, produces oxygen - importance of prolific plant life on this and on any planet. If people want less carbon dioxide, grow more plants. Cheaper and more beneficial. Of course, I am not against alternate energy; but let there be common sense.
The following facts tells us that our government is wasting precious tax dollars on junk science and things that our government should not be involved in. John Hawkins presents five reasons:
  1. No global warming since 1997. This is why the progressives and junk scientists have change the description to 'climate change'. Planet was cooling from 1940 to 1975.
  2. No scientific consensus that global warming is occurring or caused by man. Scientific results should not be based upon consensus. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition to attest that humans are not causing any climate change – hot or cold. More than 1,000 scientists signed another report that states there is NO global warming.
  3. Arctic ice increased since 2012. Progressives predict the arctic ice melting creating a 'Waterworld' like the science fiction film. Arctic ice has increased 50% since 2012. Evidence points to the opposite of what alarmists say – there was less ice a few decades ago than today.
  4. 'Climate Models' show global warming theory have been wrong.
We have so many urgent and important issues/problems to discuss and solve – why is our federal government wasting precious time and funding what we cannot afford?
Those that operate our government (and governments of other nations) seem to have an inflated ego, where they believe they can change natural climate and weather fluctuations - and/or try to make the people believe they can. Pollution is an important subject and should always be addressed. I enjoy nature and all that it offers and promote the clean up of pollution and its prevention; but let us administer some common sense and real science.

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