Monday, September 22, 2014

Ebola: Coming To Your Neighborhood Courtesy of Fed Immigration Policies and Non-Enforcement

Members of the Republican Party must start living up to their name and their original-continuing political platform of limited government, less intrusive regulations, an alternate to the present unfair, intrusive and progressive tax system, and the intestinal fortitude to stand upon principles instead of pandering to a progressive welfare state that places government into every facet of private life from cradle to grave.
Star Parker, a woman who experienced from early life the invisible chains of dependency upon government, at the mercy of those that operate that government. Yet, she saw that the concept of a constitutional republic instead of a welfare state that the Founders created, is far better for citizens than the alternative. She is the founder of CURE, a non-profit think-tank promoting urban renewal, education, and fighting poverty through faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. She is author of Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can Do About It.
She recently wrote:
The immigration issue is now a political football because of the political baggage it carries. Both parties want the votes of the Hispanic population, the most rapidly growing demographic in the country. … America was built by hundreds of millions of immigrants coming here to be free. Yet we are now told that this latest group of immigrants, Hispanics, must be offered more government, less freedom. … It is the history of America that immigrants have come from around the world for the privilege of living free. All share a history of struggle, often discrimination at first for being different, but overcoming it all to become an American. … The best thing that Republicans can do for Hispanics, and for every American citizen, is to stand guard on America as a free country and land of opportunity. The worse thing they can do is to pander to the welfare state left and put America’s most precious commodity, freedom, on the auction block to bid for Hispanic votes.
Kurt Schlicter wrote a good piece based upon an Egola scenario of what is happening at our southern border - portraying a danger as severe as the lack of our national security. Why bother sending military and funds to other nations for their security when our leadership (people for voted for) will not secure our own borders? 
True Republicans need to keep their eye on what their political entity is named for, standing upon constitutional republic principles, the rule of law, and return that concept back into policies and government actions; all by protecting and abiding by the Constitution as their oaths of office demand.
We the People can do our part, our duty, by voting responsibly – not for popularity, not because the media backs a candidate; but by the candidate's political/voting record, character, and background. America needs constitutionalists – not 'progressives, not socialists, and especially no political prostitutes.
It can all begin this November when citizens vote for congressional candidates.
Progressives have undermined our national security through their 'open border' policies and their complacency toward Islamic Jihadists. Dangers that were once foreign are now becoming domestic: terrorist activity and the possibility of a horrific epidemic/pandemic of diseases like Ebola. Immigration policies and regulations were installed to prevent these events, to ensure that immigrants enter this country without disease and the prospects of finding employment so they do not become welfare wards. Immigration laws prevent criminals from immigrating by demanding background checks. It is also policy that they assimilate into our culture, learning to speak, read, and write the English language – respecting our traditions and culture, adopting it as their own, just as they chose to adopt our nation.
Immigration was the foundation of what our nation became; but that greatness is being shattered by not enforcing immigration laws in order to pander to 'Hispanics' who have ignored our laws and not respecting our culture and traditions.
The White House press corps' job description is backwards. They are not paid (by taxpayers) to hide facts and smooth over scandals and indescrepencies - they are supposed to inform its citizens what is going on in the executive branch of our government.
We need candidates that put our nation and its citizens above political entities and special interest cronyism.
Only We the People, voters, can make the changes required for true reformation.
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