Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri: An Event That Should Not Happen in the 21st Century

Looting Nothing to Do With Issue, AP/David Carson/St. Louis Dispatch
The Ferguson, Missouri events have been well-televised and reported. It is reminiscent of the Watt riot and other incidents of an era of racial violence that should have ended in the 21st century; especially with the first 'black' President of the United States, who promised in 2008 that he would strive to promote unity and dissolve the racial divide. But like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, this president makes comments before any judicial action is taken and renews the flame of racial hatred.
This federal administration that has continued despite clear proof of this president's inability to responsible actions dependent upon national leadership, inept and dysfunctional foreign policies, and failure to keep campaign promises except the push for the so-called Obamacare that has proved a failure and a large cost to furthering the bankruptcy of the United States as the national debt increases more than twice what was in place when George W. Bush was president.
The events that started all this began just before noon, August 9th when a call to local law enforcement was received about a robbery at a convenient store. The dispatcher provided the description of the robber and the suspect was seen walking toward the Quick Trip convenience store. At 12:01 pm, an officer encountered Michael Brown and a friend walking down a street. Brown was shot to death as a result of the encounter.
At 12:04 pm, a second officer arrives on the scene followed by a supervisor one minute later as part of procedures when an officer uses his firearm. Ferguson is in St. Louis county and Sunday, August 10th, the county police chief,Joe Belmar, provided statements to a news conference, stating that Michael Brown, 18, was unarmed at the time of the shooting.
In the meantime, Michael Brown's parents retain attorney Benjamin Crump, the same attorney who represented the family of Trayvon Martin, as their counsel.
A candlelight vigil to honor Brown turned into violence and more than a dozen businesses were vandalized and looted. More than 30 people were arrested and two police officers suffered injuries.
On Monday, August 11th, school is canceled in Jennings, near Ferguson, for the safety of students walking to school.
At 7 am, Ferguson police and city leaders state that a number of death threats were called in to the police force.
10 am, hundreds of protestors gather outside the Ferguson Police Department to demand justice for Brown's death. Seven people are arrested.
At 11 am, the FBI announces it will do a parallel investigation into the shooting of Brown.
At 4 pm, parents and attorney hold a press conference and request that the violence stop and demand justice for their son.
By 6pm, NAACP and other racial organizations get involve, including racial instigator, Al Sharpton. He claimed to be involved in order to transmute rage into a call for justice.
Protestors that did not do so peacefully suffered tear gas by St. Louis county tactical police.
At 10 am, Tuesday August 12th, police announce 15 arrests and the police chief stated the officer's name would not be released. Sharpton and Brown family make statements at the Old Courthouse steps around noon.
At 3 pm, nine people are charged with the crime of looting. As in other incidents in racial history, looting is performed using the advantage of civil disorder – having nothing to do with the demonstration against any incident or alleged transgression by authorities.
At 4 pm, President Obama releases a statement and the Justice Department announces it will review police tactics nationwide.
At 10 pm, tensions continue between protestors and police for the third consecutive night.
The first day of school is postponed until August 18th, originally set for August 14th. Police ask that protests be held in daylight instead of at night.
Governor Jay Nixon cancels an appearance at the Missouri State Fair and visit to Ferguson.
On the fourth night of violence, 16 people are arrested and two officers injured and City Alderman Antonio French, arrested previously is released with no formal charges or bond requirement.Al Jareeza news crew is arrested for not following order to leave area of violence.
President Obama addresses the nation and urges for calm.
On Friday, August 15th, Darren Wilson is named as the officer who shot Brown. The family of Michael Brown released a statement saying how they are “beyond outrage” over information released that “assassinate the character of their son”. Reverend Jesse Jackson linked arms with protestors in Ferguson and led a group prayer, while urging to fight back without violence. But again, almost 200 protestors show up that evening and throw rocks at officers and armored trucks with a barrage of tear gas following. Police Chief, Thomas Jackson, City of Ferguson who announced Wilson was the officer who confronted and shot Brown, also revealed that surveillance video showed that Brown was suspected of stealing cigars (valued at $48.99) from the Ferguson Market and Liquor store before Wilson encountered and shot him. Jackson was requested not to release the video by the Department of Justice, but stated the “press asked for it”.
Evidence and testimony will be presented to a grand jury to determine if Officer Wilson is to be put on trial.
Justice must prevail, and law enforcement officers are innocent until proven guilty like any other American citizen.
This is the 21st century and the political entity that constantly reminds us to move on, use the racial divide to conquer and receive votes so their corrupt political machine can continue in concert with media and racial organizations that prey upon their own racial people and take advantage of that racial divide. Looting, pillaging, and the destruction of property, along with violence towards innocent people of another race should be unacceptable; and certainly does not provide any positive solution to racial prejudice and injustice.
Knowledge is power and it is the key to personal success in life, yet our educational system fails in this because it has been taken over by political ideology and corrupt entities like trade unions who care only about their parasitic practices that has been proven to be detrimental to the overall national economic situation and eventually destroys the very entities that create and maintain employment.
The people of our nation is the key to solving these issues, and it must be done by education that promotes knowledge, instead of only keeping it within the confines of the political and social elite that has taken over our education system. Those issues can best be resolved by people who are educated in constitutional law, a moral and civic code and addressing issues through voting and honest, constitutional judiciary – by the Rule of Law, not the Rule of the Mob.
Racism is no longer a one-way street … it is time to stop using racism as a deterrent of truth; just as it is not automatically racist for a 'white' law enforcement officer to arrest or counter against a criminal of another race; to be determined in a court of law.
Just as it is wrong to assume that someone is guilty because of their race, it is equally wrong to hide behind race when criminal actions are committed.
This is the 21st century, we should be above and beyond those days of the 1960s – the laws are, it is time that society catches up.

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