Sunday, July 6, 2014

Useful Idiots Hold Their Ground at a Strength of Eight Percent

There are still 8% of voting Americans who believe that Barack H. Obama is the greatest president since FDR, and that percentage also ignores facts about how FDR ignored the plight of Jews in Europe despite hard evidence of what the Nazi were doing, allied the US with a communist leader who signed a pact with Nazi, and how he waived the rights of Americans of Japanese descent and former Japanese citizens by putting them in camps without charges or trials; how his New Deal was a bad deal - a step to socialize American politics. This means that at least 18% of the American public refuse to believe they were duped in 2008 and 2012.
People are waking up, 33% of those who voted for him believe he is a terrible president. But it is too late, especially since they allowed him to remain in office since 2012. Talk of impeachment is nothing but talk, those in Congress cannot effectively put together a proper investigative committee concerning a myriad of charges against Obama and company in Washington.
Even Democrats on Capitol Hill are grumbling about how disinterested President Obama has become in engaging Congress. The president never again will face the voters, but members of Congress will this fall. And they are the only conduit through which the people can take out their frustration over Obama’s failures. His allies are trying to push the tired mantra of a “do-nothing Congress,” but that can’t trump a “do-everything-wrong president.”
He ignores important duties while jetting around the nation for political rallies and playing golf. He ignores sound traditions and uses his pen and phone instead of the US Constitution effectively keeping that 8 percent mesmerized. He has built an effective media wall around him, doing what his political handlers saw in him what was built up before he ever ran for office.
He constantly refers to that 8 percent as the “majority of people” when he is angered that Congress will not play his firearm confiscation game, as the following video presents …

Meanwhile Sheriffs like David Clarke (Wisconsin) and Denny Peyman (Kentucky) stand by their oaths of office to protect the articles and amendments of the US Constitution and against the Obama regime who actually represent the true majority of the People …
Obama continues his tantrums when he does not get what he wants, like the Dream Act. But the 8 percent ignores this or only pays attention to pro-Obama media, which that also is lessening as his fiascoes continue to build up in both domestic and foreign policies. It is not what the People want, as he and his comrades continually state - but what his political elite want.
What is beyond one's imagination is that Obama was once a constitutional professor; which also reinforces my concept that lawyers should not be elected to any important public office because they are taught how to circumvent laws instead of enforcing them – and that is what Obama had done since day one in the Oval Office.
That eight percent is a complete embarrassment, just as embarrassing as following the escapades of the Clintons or listening to their hypocritical drivel.
Washington DC has become a Babylon for corruption and good-old boy politics and it is time to clean the house out – completely and then fumigate it.
Save the Republic and Educate the Useful Idiots

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