Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Executive Order: Feds Take Over More Land

The kind of president we have now is the kind one wonders what he is going to do next …
I received an email from Rep. Cynthia Lummis who is trying to stop another federal land grab.
I reprint the letter from Rep. Lummis from her venue she calls “Cattle Call” in Wyoming …

500,000 Acre Presidential Land Grab
Dear Friends,
Back in May of this year, President Obama slapped a new national monument designation on 500,000 acres of land down in New Mexico; all with the stroke of his pen and a call of his phone in spite of public opposition and obvious problems.
This area of New Mexico has known problems with human and drug trafficking and this designation will severely limit and disrupt border patrol agents’ operations in this area. The designation will also hurt much needed local economic opportunities for the people of New Mexico.
In March the House passed H.R. 1459: Ensuring Public Involvement in the Creation (EPIC) of National Monuments Act. This bill, which is still being stonewalled by the Senate, places requirements on any future use of the Antiquities Act by any president, including President Obama. The requirements include a study to determine the cost to taxpayers and prior written approval from private property owners before any private property can be designated.
The federal government cannot effectively manage the acreage they already have. It is absurd for the President to take on even more federal land management.
Please tell me any thoughts or concerns you may have on this or other issues.

Call your senator and use this letter for reference. The federal government cannot maintain what land they have in terms of national parks and “national monument” land – especially when it infringes upon private land. One wonders because of past actions that this is a way of keeping the illegal alien traffic lanes moving to bring more pardoned lawbreakers as voters for the Democrat Party. It is getting to the point that anything is possible with this president. Once again he uses an executive order to get what he wants, whether it is good for America or not.

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  1. The Department of Justice told Chief Jackson not to release the video, but in the same breath Obama had NO problem going on national television to accuse the police of excessive force without having all the facts ... just as he has done in the past when the people involved have been African Americans. It doesn't matter to him that this kid has just robbed a store, and may have just threatened a police officer ... as the police have maintained. Obama ... the all-knowing and all-wise ... has spoken. Ooooohhh. We are all supposed to stand in awe now, I guess. I think I missed that memo. This is the same Department of Justice and the same Eric Holder who was the subject of this report:

    In May 2009, the Obama administration dismissed charges that had been filed by the Bush administration against members of the New Black
    Panther Party who had been videotaped intimidating voters and brandishing a police-style baton at a Philadelphia polling station during the November 2008 election. In August 2009, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights demanded that the Justice Department explain why it dismissed the charges. In July 2010, J. Christian Adams, a former lawyer for the Justice Department, testified before the Commission on Civil Rights that the case was dropped because the Justice Department did not want to protect the civil rights of white people (http //freedomoutpost com/2014/06/694-documented-examples-obamas-lies-lawbreaking-corruption-cronyism-etc/).
    Holder only cares about civil rights when it is Black civil rights that are in question. I'd like the discussion to extend to the civil rights of the young police officer who Obama and Holder are trying to railroad now. He has rights, too. If this is left to Holder ... he'll bury that video and it will never see the light of day again. I'm glad the Chief released it. At least it's in the public domain, and has a chance to be used in the officer's defense.