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Omega File: Over 65 Million Americans Believe Lies

Before I begin with this article’s subject material, I wish to correct the vote count that was recently verified by the Electoral College, which is routine after an election to verify votes for each presidential candidate (previously I had stated a figure of over 62 million votes for Obama) – Obama was certified to receive 332 electoral votes and in 50 states and the District of Columbia totaled to 65,899,660.

Which means that over 65 million American voters (how many were legal votes is undetermined and unverified):
  • Do not care that Obama has not corrected the national debt incurred by previous congresses or presidents, and in fact has increased the national debt.
  • Do not care if their president promotes raising taxes instead of trimming the budget; or care that the national debt is caused by big spending, not because taxes are too low.
  • Do not care that their president has signed 139 executive orders, many of which countered or without the authority of Congress – more executive orders than any other president.
  • Do not care that their president has important legislation signed by the autosign method, like the so-called Fiscal Cliff bill – demonstrating his aloofness towards protocol, along with his disrespect towards US flag and our traditions.
  • Despite breaking news about Benghazi scandal, over 65 million Americans keep Obama and friends in office. 
  • Despite breaking their oaths of office, over 65 million retains Obama and friends to operate OUR government. 
  • Do not care that this president is presently supply armament (bigger than "assault" weapons) to the Muslim Brotherhood established in places like Egypt whose doctrine and agenda is intolerance to ALL religions other than Islam and a clear negative policy towards the United States. 
  • Do not care that Obama and friends in Congress spend billions of dollars on foreign nationals, while the national debt increases and American citizens are suffering under an economic crisis. 
  • Do not care that Obama's clear socialist policies like income and wealth redistribution and taxing the most productive in the United States to where it is getting close to 50% tax rate. 
  • Do not care that Obama and friends use the socialist tool that is against capitalism and free trade, while providing little or no tax rates to selected businesses and being supplied with donations from wealthy manipulators like George Soros.
  • Do not seem to care that the Democrats have control over government and private employment through powerful and corrupt labor unions - who have been part of the cause of the economic problem and the cost of operating the government through their inflated wage and salary rates and benefits that the average American wished they had. 
  • Do not seem to care that Obama and friends have successfully cornered the private market of healthcare and will increase the national debt trillions more dollars over the next ten years. 
  • Determined, with the help of cohorts in Congress, to suppress and/or ultimately destroy the Second Amendment.
  • Condone the practice of identifying those who point out problems as racists with Obama administration and members of Congress, government in general, and intimidate them by accusation of racism. 
  • Agree with those that falsely claim that Tea Party movement members and constitutionalists are racist and are radical because they insist upon a constitutional government based upon the created principles of the founders in the form of a republic. 
  • Do not realize that the media dictates who will get coverage in elections and pushes their favorite candidates by reporting bias news and OpEds that is not balanced press. 
  • Do not care that of all the presidents since Woodrow Wilson, BH Obama has pushed further towards the United States government changing from a constitutional republic to a democratic socialist government.
  • Do not care that despite clear evidence of corruption with his White House staff and Cabinet, he has taken no measures of punishment and the US Attorney General still has his job after the Fast and Furious scandal.
  • Over 65 million Americans have no problem with government controlling education to the point of the curriculum being only what the government wants students to learn, and recently put condom vending machines to replace sugary drinks because the latter is bad for them.
  • Over 65 million Americans believe it is okay for the government to sanction the murder of pre-born infants across the nation (at taxpayer expense) – and agree with politicians who screams that firearms must be suppressed, controlled, and banned because of a mass murder committed somewhere in America. When in fact there is a clear problem with American society when a flurry of such incidents occur demonstrating that American youth are venting anger and frustrations in unhealthy ways. Literally they are using violence/firearms to solve their personal problems.
Reuters [Keith Coffman] reported about 12 hours ago that a gunman barricaded inside a townhouse after killing three people in the home and was shot to death by police in Aurora, Colorado. It is the same town where the movie theater shooting occurred, the news report points out.
With the politicians jumping into action in their anti-firearm campaign the media gladly assists by headlining such incidents in national news; meanwhile, in local newspapers there are reports every day across the nation where firearms SAVED lives. This is not reported by mainstream media because it would spoil their agenda. Not reporting news or only one aspect of it, is just as bad as making up an aspect of a media story.
I and others have declared that the mainstream media in its national news coverage ignores stories that would support the Second Amendment rights. The media also makes firearm owners look like a bunch of whacky people like those that commit those horrible crimes that is in national news. Well, here are some true incidents where self-defense played out in saving lives. The following is only a portion of what is reported about events across the nation. You decide – is taking firearms away from citizens going to reduce crime or embolden more criminal acts reported in the following section.
Many of which come from the American Rifleman, one of three magazines published by the NRA, in a routine section called The Armed Citizen
Fox Carolina 21, Landrum, South Carolina:
After locking up a female employee of Cakes and Confections 4U was leaving the business through a back door when she realized she was cornered by two strange men. One man struck her in the jaw while the other ripped off her necklace and earrings. When the men than attempted to sexually assault the woman, she produced a concealed .32 caliber firearm from her waistband and fired. Both men immediately dropped the stolen jewelry and ran. It was last reported that the assailants were still at large. After the incident, the woman said her firearm saved her life and that she had a strong message to all women, “If you don’t have a gun or you’re scared of guns, get familiar with them and get a gun.”
CBS, Winslow Township, NJ, 9/12/12:
Pharmacist John Agyemang was working alone around 2pm at Jolin’s Pharmacy when an armed man entered and demanded painkillers. Agyemang distracted the robber by telling him there was someone entering the store. When the suspect turned around, Agyemang dashed to the store’s back room where he kept his gun. According to police, multiple shots were fired and the suspect was able to get away on a mountain bike. It is unknown whether or not the suspect was wounded. There were no other reported injuries.
Sandusky Register, Milan, Ohio, 9/29/12:
Scott Stith was in his bedroom when he heard a loud crash coming from the first floor of his home. He grabbed his .45 caliber pistol and crept downstairs to investigate. He spotted the silhouette of a man, but did not fire because he had teenage sons in the house and was not 100 percent sure of his target. He called out only to discover the man was an intruder who had broken through the glass of the back door. Stith held the 29-year-old intruder at gunpoint until police arrived. Everyone involved was reportedly unharmed.
The Times-Tribune, Plymouth, PA, 9/11/12:
Just before 2am, a 25-year-old man shot another man in the head at Bonnie’s Food and Spirits after he was asked to leave. He then fatally shot another customer outside the pub. When he pointed his pistol at Mark Ktytor, however, Ktytor produced his own firearm and fired multiple rounds, leaving the assailant in critical condition. The suspect will be charged with criminal homicide [is there a homicide that is NOT criminal?) and attempted homicide upon his release from the hospital.
The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL, 8/29/12:
Two armed men stormed into a Dollar General store one evening and attempted to rob it. While the men held the store manager at gunpoint, a 57-year-old man carrying a concealed .45 caliber handgun, who had been shopping at the store at the time of the robbery, took action. The customer did not hesitate to draw his gun and fire at the suspects. One of the men robbing the store suffered fatal wounds to the head, chest and shoulder. The second suspect fled, but was later caught and charged with robbery and felony murder.
KSEE 24 NEWS, Fresno, California, 8/28/12:
Brianne Rodriguez heard a knock at her front door just before 9am, but ignored it. A few minutes later, Rodriguez heard loud noises coming from her bedroom. When she went to investigate, she discovered a man wearing a ski mask in her home. The confrontation led to a struggle and Rodriguez was pushed to the floor and kicked in the face and ribs. The masked man then grabbed her screaming 2-year-old daughter and bolted for the door. Rodriguez quickly retrieved a shotgun she kept in her bedroom and followed. Upon seeing the gun, the man dropped the child and fled. He escaped with Rodriguez’s purse and some jewelry, but Rodriguez and her daughter sustained no serious injuries.
The government that wants to tell you, a citizen, you do not have the right to self-defense or wants to enforce laws that limit that capability is the very government that authorized the Fast and Furious operation where just one of the many “assault” firearms that the US Attorney General’s office allowed to “walk” was used by cartel gunmen in the slaughter of 16 teenagers and the wounding of 12 others attending a Juarez birthday party in 2010. In another incident using a Fast and Furious firearm, the brother of a former states attorney general was murdered. There were at least 57 unreported firearms bought by straw purchasers monitored by ATF, later recovered in Mexico after murders, kidnappings, and the massacre previously mentioned. The US Attorney General and those responsible for Fast and Furious remain unaccountable. US Attorney General Eric Holder has been one of the key persons in the Obama cadre that has consistently insisted in denying American citizens their rights and liberties under the Second Amendment – as well as in a circle of corruption. In the case of Eric Holder, the corruption was before being US Attorney General.
People make the difference between a firearm being a valuable asset or an instrument of senseless and criminal destruction. 

DailyKos, a highly bias media, drooling over the perceived greatness of Obama, speculates a third term for President Obama. Check out this video concerning H.J. Res. 15:

The following video demonstrates the "transparent" government that BH Obama promised in 2008:
Remember when Obama was running for president in 2008 and condemned President Bush's (shame on Bush) illegal wiretapping program? Check out this video from Cato Institute:
Obama and affiliated media state that Americans demand that firearms be banned and strictly controlled  ... LIE. Reverse of what he stated in 2008 when asking Americans to make him president. 
Over 65 million Americans voted for a president who is selling out our country - economically to China and aiding enemies of the United States and ALL free nations:

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