Sunday, January 13, 2013

Common Sense Approach to Problem Solving

If the federal income tax were the only tax levied by Congress, maybe the issue would be moot. If the present income tax system has been changed to a flat tax with NO deductions and only on income and not the death tax, interest or dividends this also would not be an issue.
The previous article addressed the problem that politicians do not stop campaigning for their political club after elected their political-social club and their political ideology is foremost in their minds instead of constitutional law and their oath of office.

Now that it is the time of year that most every American dreads – filing out ridiculous tax forms which affords some people to get more breaks than others and still others who get back most or all of what they paid by government stealing it from their earned paychecks – trying to make sense of the complicated system. While fearing to make a mistake that would mean the IRS would add a penalty plus interest on any amount underpaid, armed with unconstitutional power that is reminiscent of the Gestapo where your bank accounts could be frozen, lean put on your home and anything of value before being found guilty in a legal court of law.
It is also a tax system that is not fair, but one group consistently believe that someone else should be carrying the burden of taxes, a system that the following video discusses:

As the FairTax website stated: Watchdog calls tax code unconscionable burden, one wonders why our elected officials who are paid a substantial yearly salary with benefits have not fixed the problem with alternate and common sense solutions.
We have a tax system with four million words and 5,000 changes in the last 11 years. It not only has increased distrust of our government, those operating it, but is part of the economic problem we presently face.
In the following video, a 17-year-old gets it, why cannot those we elect get it?

I would like to add here to what quote the young man in the video made attributed to Thomas Jefferson:
When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny
In fact, the statement was made by John Basil Barnhill in a speech against socialism (1914) form of government.
Recently I received the Complete Writings of Thomas Jefferson as a gift for Christmas, along with another beautifully bound book concerning the Constitution and its primary founders - there is no such paragraph like it in his letters. Also, the Monticello organization that specializes Jefferson's works has also reputed this false attribute to Mr. Jefferson. Some have sourced it from The Federalist Papers, of which I have a hardbound book and digital form in my library - but Jefferson did not write any of those papers. I believe somewhere in the archive of my articles I also made that mistake, and will seek to correct the attribution.
Regardless of who made the statement, it is a statement of truth.
I am sure that we can agree that Albert Einstein was a man with extraordinary intelligence and what made him most unique was with that intelligence he had common sense. Einstein advised that one could not solve a problem using the same thinking that created the problem and defined insanity as:
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Then those that hold positions in our government from the executive administration to the legislature to the judiciary – they cannot see beyond their egos or they are providing smoke screens over what they really think or have in mind.
This ideology concerns many issues that have faced Americans in the past, now, and until politicians change their strategies according to current situations – and not promote solutions that failed in the past. Whether it is about firearms vs. violence, national budget, or budgeting in government – this same analogy applies. Many problems created, like bloating of government with bureaucracy and cost, are because politicians thought they had a better system than that established by the Constitution. They then act against constitutional law without a legal amendment, increasing unlawful power of government, particularly the executive branch where the president believes that if Congress does not agree he can simply sign an executive order.
When it comes to the income tax system, let’s face it, if a person of Einstein’s intelligence and intellect could not understand it (and it was less complicated at that time than today) – how can anyone, even those that designed it understand it?
The time to change the tax system was yesterday. What the devil do taxpayers pay Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President for anyway?
FairTax reduces complexity, compliance costs, and cheaters.
Common sense and constitutional law are paramount in matters of government spending - ensuring that the people's earned money is theirs to spend as they will and that taxes become only to support the operation of government, not social engineering or punishing a sector of American society in order to achieve social engineering.

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