Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2nd American Revolution: "Bloodless Liberty"

Alex Jones has been angrily speaking out about transgressions of the federal government. He and all Americans who believe in the Constitution and its amendments as being the document that controls government. Executive branch has consistently ignored laws and has not enforced laws the legislature passed and the executive branch (president) signed; when according to the Constitution that is his duty.
Watch the following video produced by InfoWars – a compelling presentation by a constitutional expert. It is a way you and I can continue our education and knowledge about constitutional law and demand that politicians in the federal government obey constitutional law, of which very few actually understand it. If they did they would not have in the past five decades passed laws that counter constitutional law.

I like the point made that We the People are the military, for defense of enemies, foreign and domestic. Switzerland has such a militia where all citizens of sound mind and body undergo military training and then take their equipment, including issued firearms, to be ready to be called into service if an emergency rises. His name is David Zuniga, author of The Bloodless Liberty and guest in the following video:


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