Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tabulated Data PROVE Obama Is The Worst President In American History

By Steve McCann
November 3, 2011

Three years ago, the people of the United States elected someone who has turned out to be the worst president since the pre-Civil War era.  Barack Obama, whether in economic matters, domestic affairs or international relations, has been an abject failure and has severely jeopardized the future of the American people. 

This must be the focus and message of those seeking the Republican presidential nomination, who must not allow themselves to be focused on demeaning each other and sidetracked by falling for the usual tactics of the Democrat and media smear machines (epitomized by the latest specious attack on Herman Cain).

A cursory examination of Obama's overall record compared with other presidents reveals someone driven purely by statist ideology, whose narcissism renders him incapable of change regardless of the long-term consequences.  He does not seem to care what happens to the American people.

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