Thursday, November 10, 2011

High Tech Software Proves That Herman Cain Is Telling The Truth

Sharon Bialek better think twice before continuing her campaign to destroy Herman Cain. An investigator used voice recognition software to analyze both Cain's and Bialek's statements, and the results say that Bialek is lying. No doubt Cain's powerful attorney, L. Lin Wood, will pursue every possible lead to defend his client.  Wood has won "eye-popping" damages for clients falsely accused of sexual harassment. Bialek has had numerous financial problems in her life. Those problems may now get even worse.  [Hat tip to CK for finding this article.]

By Mike Paluska
November 10, 2011

Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.

Cain denied making any sexual actions towards Sharon Bialek and vowed to take a polygraph test if necessary to prove his innocence.

Cain has not taken a polygraph but Ward said he does have software that does something better.

Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people's voices.

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