Saturday, November 12, 2011

JustiaGate: How The Constitution Was Electronically Corrupted To Help Elect Barack Obama

Someone has technologically sabotaged Supreme Court citations on the internet database, Justia, as well as at Cornell's Legal Institute database. The hackers have literally erased sentences, full paragraphs, and page citations, all of which specifically reference a SCOTUS holding in Minor v. Happersett and Ex Parte Lockwood, the later confirming the precedent of MvH.

The justices in MvH resolved a question about voting rights, but before doing that, they first had to define the term "natural born" Citizen, which the Constitution does not explicitly do.  Since the recent links below were published, Justia's CEO Tim Stanley has "corrected" some of the citations and claimed they were regex errors. However, Justia has also recently blocked the Wayback Machine from accessing their entire Supreme Court database. Why?

Because of the sabotage, leading up to the 2008 election, anyone searching precedents concerning the term "natural born" Citizen would not have been able to find them.  In short, the justices in Minor v. Happersett determined that a "natural born" Citizen was a person born in the U.S. to parents who were both citizens when the child was born. As you know, President Obama's father was a U.K. subject. All of the sabotage benefited Obama's candidacy, and de facto benefits all anchor babies. Someone is changing the historical record in order to get around the Constitution.

As conservative bloggers and journalists, you need facts, rather than simply accepting my remarks as accurate, so please take the time necessary to investigate the comprehensive evidence published by New Jersey attorney, Leo C. Donofrio and decide for yourself whether or not criminal actions have taken place. In addition to describing details of the sabotage in a series of articles, Donofrio also includes screen shots of pages before and after they were hacked.

For the love of our country, I urge you to explore this evidence in depth, and then do your best to alert the American public, your members of Congress, legal authorities, the American Bar Association (legal ethics), and anyone else whom you believe can help us bring the perpetrators to justice.

Feel free to copy this entire article and post to your website. I've made the url's visible for ease of linking on your site.

Home page:

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