Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 238th Anniversary of the United States: Is It Still Recognizable As A Constitutional Republic?

Tomorrow we celebrate our nation's 238th anniversary of our independence. But are we truly “independent”? Since the takeover of the healthcare industry by the federal government via the “Affordable” Healthcare Act, the federal government has put another element of a free society in the strive to oversee every aspect of private life from cradle to grave.
Daniel Horowitz wrote a compelling article for Madison Project that asks: Are We Strangers in Our Own Land?

Barack H. Obama campaigned for “Hope and Change” with a promise for a more “transparent” government. Reality has, since 2008, showed us differently. And, in 2012, voters, with the help of voter fraud, kept that same president in office afraid to vote for the not-so-impressive Mitt Romney because they paid too much attention to mainstream media propaganda. His election in 2012 was close win despite what pundits would have one believe.
A recent Quinnipiac University survey showed that they rated Mr. Obama the country's worst president since World War II. The survey also found that 45% of voters say the country would have been better off if Mr. Romney had been elected. FDR received a bad rating because of his executive order to put Japanese descendent American citizens in detainment camps – without constitutional rights of a trial or any specific charges concerning national security and his boondoggle decision to side with Stalin's Soviet Union who had signed a pact with Hitler to carve up Europe between them. FDR ignored the plight of the Jews in Germany and even ordered a ship with Jewish immigrants to not be allowed to disembark in Florida after they were rejected by South American countries. The ship's captain was forced to return to Germany where the Jews aboard were sent immediately to concentration camps never to be heard from again.

The previous president, George W. Bush is also at the bottom of the popularity barrel for his inept domestic policies that led to the financial collapse and leading the biggest corporate welfare bailout program in our nation's history.
A Republican candidate might have won in 2012 if the GOP elite did not insist upon backing their poster boy, instead of paying attention to the Tea Party movement and an ignored member of their fold, Ron Paul. That candidate was purposely ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media, despite a long career in an attempt to enact true reformation of the federal government. The GOP elite establishment had the same attitude toward Ron Paul, calling his constitutional advocacy “radical”.
A Zogby Analytics Poll released this week shows that Obama's approval has dropped to 44%. while last month it was 54%. A disconcerting poll from the same source has suggested that Hillary Clinton leads in popularity over possible candidates for 2016 over Jeb Bush and Rand Paul. I understand that America is tired of the Bush politicians – I certainly agree, but to put Hillary above Rand Paul? Apparently, voters have not learned their lesson.
Washington Times reports that Mr. Obama is unable to lead the country.
So why did Americans keep in office (even after the Benghazi fiasco in September of 2012)?
Todd Starnes reported this week at Fox News that a private security force contracted by the government has threatened doctors working at a refugee camp from disclosing information about the rampant illness among the illegal immigrants.
There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told Starnes. “We were under orders not to say anything.”
Workers has their cell phones confiscated and other communication devices – anyone caught with such devices was immediately fired.
A congressman, Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) attempted to visit the HHS refugee camp set up at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and was rebuffed by agents of the department.
But Americans are fighting back as the Obama administration continues it ignores immigration laws and the Congress in order to push Obama's illegal immigrant program. Early this week, patriotic Americans blocked the path of a bus attempting to drop off 140 illegal aliens in Murrieta, California – a state commonly referred to as Mexifornia.
David Horowitz proposes that House Republicans should take steps to counter this action. One of them:
Change the statutes regarding children of illegal immigrants from Central America and treat them like migrants from Mexico who must be returned to their country of origin within 48 hours. Congress should bar DHS from transferring them to HHS and instead proceed immediately to repatriation and prohibit the use of commercial transportation to transport illegals to reduce the risk of spread of contagious diseases. Congress should also demand an immediate report from CDC on the public health threat posed by the new influx of illegals over the border. … Most importantly, Congress must reassert control over the power of the purse and use the budget process … They should cut salaries of top DHS officials until the double-layered fence is complete, pursuant to the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
One of the major reasons for the immigration laws in place in the United States is to prevent an epidemic or pandemic to occur from immigrants – thus the reason for complete medical examination of all immigrants. But how can this policy be implemented if the federal government does not enforce its own laws and the American voters choose presidents that pick-and-choose what parts of the US Constitution and its amendments should be adhered to; clearly violating their oaths of office – from the president to the justices to members of Congress?
David Horowitz wrote:
It's high time for 'We the People' to take back our government and our sovereignty from a small group of elites in Washington. It is these elites and their unconstitutional ideas that should feel foreign in this great land, not law-abiding Americans. What better way to celebrate Independence Day?
This election year of 2014 enables voters to weed out unconstitutional and inept congress members, so get out there and find such a candidate to replace the buffoons getting paid to operate our government. The initial responsibility of protecting freedom and liberty falls upon We the People by the power of vote. That means bypassing the propaganda of mainstream media and scrutinizing candidates thoroughly. Candidates should be the “cream” of society, not it's rotten meat.
Save Our Republic – get involved and vote responsibly.

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