Thursday, June 12, 2014

National Security: Invaders Across Our Southern Border

What nation's leadership would allow invaders to cross their borders without declaring war?
That is what has happened over the decades at the border between Mexico and the United States.
While it is primarily the fault of the Democratic Party and their insistence that in the name of “human rights” that we not only ignore the situation, but provide amnesty to those who are here illegally. Republicans capitulate to the politicians of the democratic-socialists because it all has to do with voting. If you were an immigrant who came to another country illegally would you not support the politicians who turn their heads and claim that anyone who disapproves are racist?
It is why the Democrats insist that it is “unconstitutional” and against human rights to insist that all immigrants go through the process of application and acceptance prescribed by federal law; yet it is the federal government that has turned away from their duty to enforce those laws.
While presidents before BH Obama certainly did nothing or not enough to secure our southern border and conceding to Mexico's government who not only takes sides with those who do not care who crosses our borders because of Mexico's claim that southwestern regions (states) were obtained illegally in the 19th century.
No one bothered to look up the historical fact – Texas was a republic before it was a state and it was the Texans who decided they had enough of Mexico and rebelled. Other territories were purchased after the American-Mexican War. Yes, purchased. If our nation was as aggressive and not attuned to fair play – we would have taken Mexico during/after the Mexican War – but we are not that kind of nation.
The reports of the Mexican cartel infiltrating the United States and establishing drug and illegal alien routes, most often through the land of private ranchers began to become heavily in traffic in 2012 and started to get worse. Now, as Maggie's Notebook clearly shows in pictures and reports that they have given public notice that any US citizen (or Mexican) that interrupts their business, do not accept their bribes, or play along in their illegal actions – violators will be murdered and in some cases their families as well. Folks these people make the traditional crime syndicate of the Mafia and Costa Nostra look like peaceful criminals.
I can tell you right now I am going to get email and commentary marking me as a “racist” concerning this issue – which is not only not true, but ridiculous since I served with great Americans who are Hispanic origin (among other diversities that make up our nation) and proud to have known them. This has to do with national security and common sense government operation – which has been lost since FDR put Japanese Americans into “internment camps” without any formal charges or accusation of wrong doing. Americans within society were not helping either when signs were posted like “No Japs Allowed Here” at public places and business addresses after the attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We were also at war with Mussolini and Hitler – did we put Italian and German Americans in internment camps? Indeed, there were several cases of German spy trials and in one case a matter of martial law where five German saboteurs were given a tribunal and then executed.
Because our immigration system and border security system is broken, thanks to a federal government who insists everyone obey their federal laws while those that operate our government pick-and-choose what they enforce. Amnesty sounds like a noble thing, but as learned when Ronald Reagan was president and Congress passed (and he signed) an amnesty bill – it only encouraged more illegal aliens because they figured if they stayed long enough they would receive an amnesty, especially when they had children born here illegally.
I have always said that if Mexican nationals come here uninvited and rush to the nearest American hospital to drop a kid – send them back after recovery and send the hospital bill to the Mexican government.
Our diplomacy and policies through the decades have been despicable, and we have taken too much nonsense by their government (those that operate it).
Imagine if you owned a ranch and constantly found dead bodies and your property was damaged and littered with garbage because people who respect no boundaries are using your property for a traffic route. It's happening, and in one case a rancher was shot and killed by the cartel.
Now that the federal government did not ensure that our border was secured – as approved by Congress when Bush was president, the cartel has moved eastward and northward and are establishing themselves in states like Pennsylvania.
Brooks County in Texas has buried hundreds of unidentified bodies found on private ranches; according to county judge Raul Ramirez, it is costing the country more than $800,000 in one year.
It is also costing lives.
Click HERE to see where the drug cartel has established itself in the United States and gangs already operating here have connected with the cartel.

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