Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Everything Is Dust in the Wind"

On May 28th I was cutting grass in the front yard when I collapsed and my heart stopped. After emergency surgery I now am strapped with a pacemaker that seems to be the same size as a small cell phone. I am alive, but feel like Frankenstein must have felt when he awoke after his lightning jolt that brought him back to life. I now face the reality that my life on this planet Earth is coming quickly to a close. I now live on borrowed time, so to speak. No regrets, just the human thinking of so much more that can be accomplished, bucket list and moments enjoyed - all selfish reasons, I guess.
I am a realist and I know that life does not last forever.
I have always appreciated freedom and liberty and thankful I was born in the United States.
Our republic is moving faster toward oblivion, and I have tried to pass on the enlightenment that the Founders left behind, especially the prolific writer, Thomas Jefferson; and awaken Americans to the fact that politics and unconstitutionally minded politicians, for whatever reason, seems to think that socialism, a welfare state dependent upon those who operate what is supposed to be the government For and By the People have taken over our nation.
We the People have allowed this to happen.
It did not occur overnight and it did not happen without the help of indoctrinated citizens who think there is a better form of government than the constitutional republic.
Someone once said, and was repeated by others I deemed as mentors, that it is the simple things in life that make it worth living and give us true personal peace and satisfaction.
A sunny day in a meadow littered with blooming flowers opening the days to the coming summer. Even winter has beauty if you allow your eyes to see it.
The United States was formed by men, it is true; but the blessings that helped make it great was its vast resources and available land that allowed us to welcome immigrants to assimilate and become citizens that helped build a great nation.
Benjamin Franklin upon exiting into the street of Philadelphia after decision was made as to what form of government the new United States should have and what articles and amendments to be written as the rules of its government; was asked by a woman what the outcome was. Mr. Franklin then said: A republic, if you can keep it.
Those first settlers, those wise men that established the greatest government system in the world by paying attention to the failures of great nations and civilizations throughout human history; and all those that followed who bravely faced life to settle and expand and grow this nation, all those who died to keep it free are gone into the pages of history and are now just dust in the wind
Don't let the tyrants destroy our republic or allow the fools who follow them not be enlightened.
It would be sad, as Dinesh D'Souza had said, that if the United States falls, the nations that are enemies of freedom and liberty shall prevail and the legacy, indeed the history of the United States will fall into the dust bin of history.
Do not let ideas of socialism and anti-constitutional politics destroy what almost amounts to being a miracle of turn in events - the United States. No other nation grew to greatness after a revolution. Chaos ensued and then another form of tyranny and new tyrants took the place of the old. 
The nation we rebelled against has become our steadfast and loyal ally; who seems to be awakening from its own apathetic socialist slumber with a form of Tea Party movement that was formed in memory of the original Tea Party in Boston harbor. One generation will become dust in the wind and a page or two in history; but the real treasure is its children who grow and are nurtured and provided the knowledge that helps them do great things and retain the republic that Mr. Franklin was worried about the People losing.
Save Our Republic before it is too late. Every generation has the duty to pick up the banner from the previous generation and keep the home fire burning.
Destinies are up in the air, daily now
Speeches with consequences prevail
Dragonflies now replace the lofty Monarchs
While warring word factions, still assail;
Excuses for the name calling are getting old
As inner bitterness destroys the once sweet
With hands that tear down semi-repaired bridges
With surface damage- near complete;
An angry breeze still lingers there
Where the forces of night still want to fight
Relentless in it's stubborn viscous bile
Wearing away all sources of goodness and light;
Clouds form over the old wounds that had nearly healed
A thunderstorm builds near a half-formed scar
Breaking loose what had tried to mend itself
Now the gales form with billowing sounds of war.
By, Theodora Onken

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