Friday, June 27, 2014

Federal Government Chooses What Laws to Enforce

The federal government, those operating OUR national government, chooses constitutional laws that fits their ideology - and has been doing so for more than five decades.
Examples ...
  • Immigration laws, the most tolerant of any nation, has been ignored by presidents of both political factions - the result is plain to see and has come to be a major national security threat where, technically, the United States is being INVADED.
  • The federal government has involved itself to counter religious beliefs and practices, and the US Supreme Court has taken no action. Case in point: Same-Sex Marriage. Marriage certificates are issued by the states; therefore it is the jurisdiction of state/county government when it concerns marriage. Recently the Door County government has refused to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples; but that was overruled by a federal judge. State rights are clearly described in the US Constitution - but the federal government ignores it and the US Supreme Court turns its head because justices do not comply with their oaths of office by upholding constitutional law.
  • Federal government oversees firearm retail and ownership, yet state governments have countered against the US Constitution's Second Amendment by denying the right to "keep and bear arms" by lawful (and mentally stable) citizens. The US Supreme Court justices have not stepped in and performed their duty as their oaths of office prescribed by telling states within the republic union that they cannot deny any lawful citizen the right to keep and bear arms, which includes the right to conceal carry if they meet lawful and safety requirements. 
These are only examples - the issues would fill a 400-page book. 
To say that the federal government, those that control it, are out of control is a common sense statement. Major problems concerning the United States today are primarily because of those We the People have put in charge of government affairs have ignored Constitutional law; not because the US Constitution is not applicable. Our government in Washington, DC has taken over labor (unions), free-market industry (automobile manufacturers and financial institutions) - and now are taking control of our health system. They have taken upon themselves to facilitate almost every part of private life with a private sector whose economy relies upon free marketing and freedom of choice.
Left: Sarah Palin
Do you not think it is time that this stopped and true reformation back to the Founders' republic is in reestablished?
If you do, then take the time to participate and vote responsibly by acquiring important information about candidates for public office - from the city council to the Congress, Supreme Court and White House.
That is the only way the United States will go back to being a great nation. John Adams and others have stated that a people usually get what government it deserves - the problem is that those who believe in constitutional law are suffering along with the useful idiots that follow the thought that a socialist welfare state is better than a constitutional republic. 
Betty Boop
As July 4th approaches, let that day be the mark where you, part of We the People, start making a difference and reeducate yourselves and your children about the US Constitution and its amendments as well as how and why the Founders created what they did. Let's make it truly Independence Day - instead of Dependence Day.
It's a republic, if you can keep it.


  1. CNN said don't blame the NRA? Wow. Very good post. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Benjamin Franklin — 'When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.'

    I am only hoping people will realize what is going on before we fall farther into socialism. I am hoping we have not gone so far that we don't get a chance to change things with the next election. I hope I am wrong when I think there may not 'be' another election.

    Have a safe, blessed weekend. ♥

  3. Yes, Linda, that is another quote of wisdom from the great Mr. Franklin - and a true prediction. I cannot fathom anyone who is not amazed at the foresight and wisdom of those who founded the United States and conceived the greatest form of government in the history of humanity and civilization.
    Best Regards ...

  4. Yes, that certainly was a big surprise! But it was an alert and true journalist on their staff who wrote the piece.