Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Press Conference Reveals Birth Certificate Fraud & A National Security Issue

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse have been investigating claims that President Obama's birth certificate, which the White House published on its website in April 2011, is a forged document. 

In March 2012 Arpaio held a press conference to reveal the posse's initial findings. The results of their six-month investigation are available in an e-book, which is a transcription of the first press conference.  At the press conference the officials explained their findings and presented video evidence demonstrating how the document was forged.  Afterwards, instead of asking questions about the evidence, the journalists simply attacked the messengers.  The journalists arrived with preconceived notions about the motives of the investigation, and were totally incurious about the extensive evidence.

Since then, Arpaio's team has done more investigation to determine the meaning of handwritten numbers that appear in various boxes where there is also text.  For example, in the box asking for the race of the father, the birth certificate says "African" and nearby is a handwritten number 9.  The investigators found the woman whose signature appears on the document.  She said the number was a code which the registrar used to indicate that the person reporting the birth did not provide an answer to the question.  If so, why does "African" appear in the box?  The document conflicts with itself.   Furthermore, in 1961, "African" was not used as a race indicator by the registrar.  That word did not become a part of the lexicon until the 80s.  There were also anomalies with the birth certificate number, which is out of batch sequence.

Arpaio's investigation also discovered a very disturbing problem with Hawaii's issuance of birth certificates, which the investigators say affects national security and the naturalization and immigration process.  Hawaii apparently allows anyone who has resided in the state for a year to report a birth without attestation, including births of children born anywhere in the world.  By doing so, they have for decades potentially been conferring citizenship on people not born in the U.S.  Hawaii's state law bypasses the legal naturalization process. 

At the very least, Congress needs to investigate Hawaii's law and procedures.  Arpaio also believes congressional hearings should be held to investigate the document posted on the White House website.

Click here to watch yesterday's press conference revealing the latest findings.

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