Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama: A Contemptuous and Felonious President

Speaking of "betting on America,"and Obama's contempt of the law . . .

By William Sullivan
July 6, 2012

There is ample evidence that Barack Obama, and people under his supervision, committed at least one felony -- specifically, illegal gambling across state lines -- to fund his 2008 election campaign.  Congress, meanwhile, found Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, in contempt for refusal to testify about Operation Fast and Furious.  Orchestration of straw purchases of firearms, one of which resulted in the death of a law enforcement officer, could easily be another felony.

The Obama Campaign's Numbers Racket

The general definition of a lottery is an activity that includes (1) mandatory payment of consideration -- i.e., money -- as a condition of participation, (2) a prize -- i.e., anything of value, such as an expenses-paid trip, and (3) an element of chance in the selection of the prize winners.  It is against federal law to conduct a lottery across state lines, and it is illegal in almost every state to conduct an unauthorized or unlicensed lottery or other gambling activity.  This is true even in states like Nevada that are famous for their (licensed) gambling establishments.

The Obama campaign ran at least two such lotteries in 2007 and 2008 before changing them to allow entry without a contribution.  The change was the direct result of complaints from a law enforcement agency.  There is still a YouTube video of Mr. Obama himself making a pitch for one of these lotteries, and here is an e-mail from the Obama campaign with the relevant parts of the full headers.  IP address still traces to Blue State Digital, which was indeed the service provider for the Obama campaign.  (This does not mean that Blue State Digital was involved in any way with the alleged illegal actions of the Obama campaign; it is, however, evidence that the following e-mail came from the Obama campaign and was not circulated by a malicious third party.)  We have highlighted the three elements of a lottery: payment of consideration, element of chance, and a prize of value.  We have also bolded evidence that the lottery was dishonest, and that it cheated many of those who entered.

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