Monday, February 27, 2012

Salute to a Visionary and a Great American - To Emulate

There are those who have openly and publicly proclaimed that our Constitution is outdated. Apparently they do not understand the Constitution and those that designed it, for that is why amendments were added and the rules set for changing, repealing or adding amendments was included – for the Founders had wisdom enough to know that times would change and our Constitution, if not applicable or required an additional amendment, it could be so by two-thirds of the vote of Congress and ratified by a majority of the states.

When a Supreme Court Justice openly, on foreign television interview, disavows her pledge to uphold the Constitution and protect it and when a president and members of Congress choose to not only ignore the Constitution, but devise ways around it or change it without the two-thirds majority vote and ratification required – America and its People are in trouble.
Americans today are spending more time scrutinizing the private lives of the founders, not out of curiosity or for the sake of true history, but to slander their names so they can go forward with their progression towards socialism and worse. Our nation was once a model to follow for all nations, and that was the concept of the origination of the United Nations – which has presided the United States progression towards corruption and immoral power. Yet, we still cling to the atrocity it has become. We cannot and should not give in to those that would destroy our Constitution, its traditions and values, or allow its society to become corrupted by a minority that is fast growing in ranks because of ignorance or children raised in public schools to believe what the government has instructed to teach. We are no longer ruled by a majority, but are at the mercy of the powerful minority in government – the “establishment” of good old boys who wish to keep their status quo no matter what the consequences are for the People and the future of our great nation.
Like the Founders, there have been great leaders in America – from governors to the President of the United States, but few can be compared to the original founders, like George Washing, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and others.
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library photo
I present to you a video below that is taken from speeches made by another great American, a man of vision, and who saw the crooked road ahead; yet still could handle the issues at hand in the present term. His name was Ronald Reagan, and I will confess to you that I admired him but didn't appreciate him enough while he served two terms in the Oval Office. He was a man of vision, a man with a down-home sense of humor that even made his political opponents and the negative media laugh and like him. I was serving my country in the United States Army, admired him for his support and true caring for the troops who swore allegiance to him as our Commander-in-Chief as well as to the People of the United States of America; and while it is no excuse not to have kept up on as much as I should have of what was going on back home, it is difficult when serving overseas.
So, for you younger generations, who seem not to have heroes like my generation, I present this video to you and as a reminder that the road that lies ahead depends upon YOU and ME – that means we should choose more carefully and with open eyes and open mind who operates our government for US – from the city council to the President of the United States, we must guard our liberties, our individualism and all the other rights that was provided in writing by wise men who long ago created a nation like no other nation in the history of civilization. Here is the video:

If this does not inspire and convince you that the People of this nation, from all walks of life, every race, creed, color, gender, and age – then I am sorry for you, but We the People must move on past your ignorance and refusal to search for the truth in a sea of misinformation that those who would take away those liberties and rights that so many worked hard for, some lost material things, and others gave the ultimate sacrifice – their lives.
Words from a speech given by Ronald Reagan

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