Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review of why we need active enforcement of the Constitution

For those who arrive late to the Tea Party, let's review how we know that the United States needs an office to actively enforce the Constitution on the Federal government; and why it's important to do so. Let's start by reviewing a little history.

The Federalist Papers, most notably No. 10, discuss why democracy is a horrible system of government. It is no better than centralized systems of government such dictatorships and religious theocracies. We have democracy because the Framers believed it would be easier to keep a democracy subject to a Constitution than would be to keep a centralized government subject to it.

Federalist No. 48 discusses why the balance of powers will not keep the Federal government within the limits in the Constitution. There is too much political horse trading in politics. One branch will overlook a violation by another branch in exchange for overlooking its own violation. We see that happening every day now in Washington, DC.

Federalist No. 49 discusses why the citizenry will not keep the Federal government within the limits laid out in the Constitution. It makes the case that the citizens in general think with their passion more than their reason. I would add two observations. First that the citizens in general form a democracy, which No. 10 points out is an irrational and self destructive form of government. And second, that the citizens tend to vote from their pocketbooks, so we elect officials who are good at bringing home the bacon, instead of those who would do right by the nation.

Federalist No. 50 approaches the subject of violation of the Constitution by the Federal government. It discusses one failed model of enforcement that was tried in Pennsylvania. The politicians in that State tried to be the enforcers of their constitution, which was an unworkable process. No. 50 does not present a finalized solution to the problem of enforcement. And neither does any other originating document that I am aware of.

In 1825, just 37 years after the Constitution was put into operation, the Federal government had become so out of control that Virginia found it necessary to issue its "Draft Declaration of Protest" against the Federal government. The Draft was a warning to the Federal government that Virginia might secede if the Federal government continued its criminal course. Virginia complained about numerous violations of the Constitution by the Federal government, and the negative impact those violations were having on Virginia and the freedom of all of America's citizens.

In the 1861 eleven States, including Virginia, seceded from the United States as protest against the numerous violations of the Constitution by the Federal government. And so, the Civil War began. The Federal government won the war and forced the secessionist States to remain a part of the overreaching Federal government. The cost of lives was over 600,000 young soldiers, mostly teenage boys, mostly slow, painful deaths from infections from wounds. The problem of slavery was resolved sooner that it would otherwise have been. The problem of secession was resolved. The problem of an overreaching Federal government remained unresolved.

In the 1940's the Federal government expanded the criminal overreach of the Federal government substantially through unconstitutional socialist programs and unconstitutional laws. Over time the illegal programs led to widespread dependence on government by citizens, which in turn led to a flood of unsupportable Federal spending. The violations also led to an ability of the elected officer holders to influence elections by promising more illegal government giveaways and by threatening to end existing illegal government giveaways.

Beginning in 2008 the Federal government began another crime wave, bringing about another substantial expansion of the Federal government similar to the expansion seen in the 1940's. The level of debt incurred as of today as a result of this overreach is so high that the United States of America may be past the brink of financial collapse. Roughly half of our citizens do not pay direct taxes and nearly half receive some kind of government subsidy. Through our growing dependency on the Federal government, we, the people of the United States of America, are becoming slaves to our own Federal government and its partners in crime, wealthy manipulators and Marxist union bosses, especially government employee union bosses.

That the Constitution was designed with a critical piece missing is certain.

That the lack of a critical missing piece has caused, is causing, and will cause misery, and eventually may cause the demise of free society is certain.

The solution to the problem is clear and simple. It is up to us. This generation of Americans must create the missing piece of the Federal government, otherwise America as we know it will join those past democratic nations that were, as Madison noted in Federalist No. 10, "as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths."

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