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AGU: HELP WANTED; Grizzly Delegates for Tampa

Introduction written by American Grizzlies United (AGU) Board Member R. F. Lawrence

We've been hearing the buzz for weeks on the possibility of a contested convention - one in which no candidate arrives in Tampa with the required majority of delegates to claim the nomination. Regardless of whether the GOP actually arrives at a contested convention or not, it would behoove us all to have a convention attended largely by delegates of ethical standards and a loyalty to the interests of the people of their state, not staffed by ambitious party loyalists and insiders whose main goal may be simply to further their career. It is therefore imperative that we all properly educate ourselves about the rules regarding the convention, the selection of the GOP nominee, and the election of the delegates to the convention.

The simple answer to the question of how to become a delegate to the national convention is that there is no simple answer. The process varies by state, and even within each state, the process may vary by county. How each county selects the representatives to the district convention is managed by the county leadership. Information about how your precinct and county will be represented should be available from your local GOP county website. If you do a search online on "How to become a delegate," you will doubtless find some tutorials, instructions, and links to various state pages. Ron Paul's supporters have been extremely organized and proactive about researching and disseminating this information online. Check the sources and the dates for any information you read online. The best resource is your county GOP - they ultimately make the rules.

Although the deadlines to be nominated up the delegate ladder may have passed in many states, there's still plenty of time to get involved in others. Usually, the delegate selection process is not started until after a state holds its primary.

Whatever happens at the convention, we need to make sure that we send good people as delegates.

R. F. Lawrence

Board Member; American Grizzlies United

AGU: HELP WANTED; Grizzly Delegates for Tampa!

Because the individual rules for selecting delegates vary by state (and even within each state, the process can vary by county) you are going to have to do your own homework.

Delegates are chosen at the various levels of the party conventions. The selection process begins at the precinct (or district) level, then marches on to the county level, and lastly the state level; where the national convention delegates are selected.

Here are some resources that will help you become a Grizzly Delegate for your state:

How Are Presidential Election Delegates Selected?

What Role do Delegates Play in Presidential Elections? (VIDEO)

The Green Papers Presidential Primaries 2012 Republican Delegate Selection & Voter Eligibility

Use the Freedom Atlas to talk to others in your state who have been been through the delegate selection process.

How to Become a Delegate

How to Become a Delegate to the National Convention to be held the Week of August 27, 2012 in Tampa Bay, Florida

Let us know how it's going. Once you have begun the process to become a Grizzly Delegate please send an email to

See all you Grizzlies in Tampa!

Our work continues!

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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