Thursday, July 28, 2011

Observations re: Whether Sarah Palin is Running for President

This was written by Glenn Briggs. Mr Briggs is an active Organize4Palin (O4P) CA volunteer who lives in Walnut Creek, CA.

Observations re: Whether Sarah Palin is Running for President

By Glenn Briggs

Why have some candidates already declared their intention to run for the Presidency?

They need to build name recognition so that they are known widely in the country. They need to get their positions on significant issues expressed and known widely so that they convince voters to support them and their positions. They need to express what they would do were they to be elected. They need to get their qualifications listed and accepted. They need to separate themselves from the other candidates so that voters see them as unique and preferable. They need to establish support staff who can help them achieve all these needs.

How much time, effort, staff and money is required to achieve the above “needs” would be different for each candidate. Thus, with these factors variable for each candidate, the timing of entry into the fray is likely to be very different for each candidate, assuming that they are endeavoring to manage their available resources to maximum positive effect.

Now, let's observe these factors vis a vis Sarah Palin.

Her name recognition is already higher than that of any other GOP candidate and, in my view, equal to or higher than that of Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin has been clearly stating her positions on the issues, starting with her actions as Mayor of Wasilla, as Governor of Alaska and as the candidate for Vice President. Example – her acceptance speech to the RNC in 2008 is full of her positions. And since, her Facebook Notes, op-eds, and speeches have clearly made known widely what her positions are on all issues before us as voters.

With the expose of her emails as Governor of Alaska, she has been shown to be extremely qualified as a Chief Executive. Coupled with the truths clearly enunciated by the documentary “The Undefeated”, Sarah Palin's achievements as Mayor and Governor show she's not a Politician as we think of that profession, but is, instead, a Public Servant – with the ideal qualities of a Leader, one who would guide our country back to it's former level of exceptionalism and halt the trend toward Marxism so evident in the current administration.

With all this, Sarah Palin has clearly separated herself from all the other candidates. She has been vetted as no other candidate in modern time. She has been the lone opposition to Obama over the past three years. She has demonstrated enormous courage in the face of vicious attacks on her and her family and significantly, virtually no attacks on her positions on issues.

As for a dedicated support staff, nationwide, there are numerous support groups dedicated to Governor Palin growing rapidly in quality, numbers and political insight burgeoning across the country. No other candidate has that level of grass-roots support organized. It matters not that these support organizations are not directed in their efforts by Sarah Palin. They are committed to her and will immediately swing into powerful open activity the moment she declares. No other candidate has such resources to call into action. Sarah does.

So, where do we come out on all this? Is Sarah Palin running for the Presidency? Emphatically, YES! All these observations show clearly that all her actions over these past three years have been to build on these “needs”, preparing for her formal declaration. Any other inductive conclusion is nothing more than denial of reality. And it is because of all this preparation that she is far out ahead of all the other candidates and thus can “indulge” in the luxury of delaying her formal commitment, giving her “opponents” the opportunity to “stub their toes” through gaffes and attacks on each other, etc. and showing clearly their separation from Sarah (not to their advantage). Make no mistake, it costs money to run a presidential campaign and many of the early candidates will run out as their “needs” are not achieved and their support resources dwindle. Timing of entry into the fray can be extremely critical – too early can exhaust vital resources, too late can result in “too high a hill to climb”. Sarah Palin is faced with neither of these extremes at this point and won't be, as she is an extremely astute player in this game. She will make her moves with the utmost competence. Momentum is vital and Sarah Palin has demonstrated throughout her stewardship career that she is a master at building momentum.

Sarah Palin will win the Presidency in November, 2012.

Glenn Briggs Organize4Palin (O4P) CA Volunteer Walnut Creek, CA

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