Thursday, July 28, 2011

Assure Your Voice is Heard! Send Registered Email Messages to Congress

Below is a screen capture of the website RPost, a service that is used by attorneys, businesses, and individuals to send registered emails.  This is a monthly subscription service, but RPost is offering a timely free trialThe corporate website is linked here.

After looking at their subscription prices based on units, and reading their Fair Usage Policy and other terms and conditions, it should be clear that RPost is not intended for mass mailings to Congress or anyone else. However, if you need to send important communications to select people, such as your Senator or Congressman regarding the debt ceiling, then RPost may be a service you would find useful. Highlights are listed below.  There is also an animated tutorial to demonstrate how RPost works.


  • Includes a Registered Receipt™ email for each message which legally proves delivery, content and time and and can be self-authenticated in minutes.
  • Includes option to send Registered Email messages marked with a banner or unmarked, and includes special option for government customers to send “For Official Use.”
  • Has the ability to easily detect if a message has been tampered with.
  • Protects the sender against the common recipient excuse of “I never got it” or “that is not what your email said.”
  • Provides assurance that your important email records can withstand scrutiny in a court setting.
  • Eliminates the need to send important communications by overnight courier, fax, and postal mail… saving the sender significant time and expense.

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  1. here's the url for their site:

  2. The link is also available by clicking RPost in the article.

  3. Hey Erica -- the RPOST link in the article only goes to the Corporate website -- the one that takes you to the free offer is below...

  4. Changes made per your suggestion. Thanks.