Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing EmpowerTexans

Allow me to introduce readers in Texas to a website dedicated to fiscal stewardship of the State.  EmpowerTexans has been added to our blogroll for future reference.  Visit their site to sign up for email updates.  "We'll keep you updated on the latest news from Austin, how it affects you and your family, and provide you you with tools to meaningfully impact the debate. Make your voice heard in Austin!"
Empower Texans exists to create and sustain a system of strong fiscal stewardship within all levels of Texas government, ensuring the greatest amounts of economic and personal liberty, and promoting public policies that provide individuals with the freedom to use their strengths and talents in pursuit of greater opportunities. We believe that government must be limited, and that citizens must be empowered to hold their elected officials accountable.
Why are we needed?
The greatest threat to our state's economic growth and competitiveness is the weight of government on the economy. If government and taxes are allowed to grow without restraint, the economy will contract, thereby limiting opportunities for all Texans. We seek policy outcomes that provide increasing levels of economic liberty and opportunity for all Texans by controlling the size of government. Government power and reach must be strictly limited, with elected officials held accountable by active and informed citizens.

How do we do it?
We inform voters, taxpayers and elected officials about policy solutions that are consistent with the principles of individual liberty and free markets, while working to build support for those policies among key constituencies. is the home to three entities. 

The Empower Texans Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, we rely on the contributions of individuals who join us in promoting free markets to Empower Texans! Contributions to the Empower Texans Foundation are tax-deductible.
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a 501c4 non-profit corporation, is a direct advocacy entity. Endorsements for office are made through Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Contributions to Empower Texans are not tax deductible, though some businesses may be able to write-off contributons as an operating expense. Learn more by calling (512) 236-0201.

The Empower Texans PAC, a state general-purpose political action committee, is our political engagement arm in state-level races. Only individuals may contribute to the PAC, under state law.

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