Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time For The Big Guns: 'Gunwalker' Requires Special Counsel Investigation

By Bob Owens
June 22, 2011

“Gunwalker” never should have happened.

We’ve spent the better part of a week here at Pajamas Media documenting the damning evidence of a reckless government that has conspired to allow gun runners to smuggle an estimated 2,000 weapons across the Mexican border to violent drug cartels.

During that time, we’ve discovered that the president and Democratic lawmakers have lied, and continue to lie, about the role of American guns and American small businessmen in arming drug cartels south of the border. We’ve watched as they’ve lied, and continue to lie, blaming gun shops for the carnage that has resulted from the depravity of Mexican narco-terrorists.

We’ve watched as ATF special agents and supervisors testified in front of Congress, angry and ashamed, about how the multi-agency task force they were a part of was responsible for arming the cartel gunmen that have killed scores of law enforcement officers and civilians in two countries.

This scandal must come to an end not with graceful and fault-free resignations, but with deliberate and careful prosecutions of those responsible.

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