Wednesday, June 1, 2011

O4P CA; Run, Sarah RUN!

Thank you Organize4Palin (O4P) CA volunteer: Val for making this new Run Sarah Run image!

Now it's your turn to get involved. Grab some paper, pens, and a camera & get creative!

Let's encourage Sarah Palin to run for President.

The LSM seems to have moved on from attack mode, to ignore mode, to misquote mode, to downplay mode, to...well, it's hard to keep up with all the caca the LSM keeps slinging at the one candidate who dares to hold Obama accountable.

Everyone is against Sarah Palin....Except...the people. (didn't some famous politician in Canada or France say that?)

Show your support!

Make your own Run, Sarah RUN picture and email them to:

Now is the time to get mobilized, get creative, think outside the box, and get things done.

The media is not gonna pick our candidate for us this time.

Mother of five.

Co-owner, family commercial fishing business.

Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Rights, Pro-States Rights, Pro-Military, Pro-America.

Town Councilwoman, Mayor, Governor.

President of Alaska's Conference of Mayors.

Chair, Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission.

Chair, Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission.

Chair, Nat'l Governors Association Natural Resources Committee

Commander-in-Chief, US 49th Missile Defense System BN

2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

Take your Run, Sarah RUN picture today and email them to:

Be sure you are registered with Organize4Palin (O4P): CLICK HERE

TEXT: 4Palin to 74679

Please Join Our Cause; Let's help Sarah Palin restore America!

Check out what this family decided to do on their summer vacation:

C'mon Gals & Guys! BE CREATIVE! Think outside of the box!

Let's do this! All Hands on Deck!

Join Organize4Palin (O4P) Today!

Thomas S Schmitz

Organize4Palin (O4P) CA

Follow: @CA4Palin on Twitter

Follow: @ThomasSSchmitz on Twitter

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