Monday, June 6, 2011

O4P CA & The Hollywood Congress of Republicans

The Hollywood Congress of Republicans (HCR) is the leading institution of Republicans in Hollywood and a chapter of the California Congress of Republicans. HCR was created in 2001, as a grassroots framework to advance Republican objectives. At the core of HCR are the interests and affairs that impact Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Organize4Palin (O4P) CA attended a mixer last Tuesday night hosted by HCR. While O4P CA is certainly not a straight up Republican group (gotta love that Healthy Libertarian Streak!) we were first drawn to the HCR after hearing that several years ago they gave the JackAss of the Year award to Michael Moore. (FYI a little bird told me that he has still not picked up his trophy)

Los Angeles KFI Radio Host Gary Hoffman gave the keynote speech to a room full of culturally rebellious Hollywood Republicans.

(Remember after Obama was elected we were told by the know-it-alls in both parties that Conservatism was dead for at least 40 years, and we should stop looking to Ronald Reagan as a template?...MmmmHmmmm! Yeah, the know-it-alls were wrong on this too, why do we even listen to them anymore?)

Before and after the mixer it was encouraging to talk to ordinary concerned citizens who have not forgotten what America is all about.

As we move toward the 2012 Presidential election it is vital that we are honest with ourselves about the truths that we know to be true, and our willingness to fight for those truths and not be silenced by those who have brought us capitulation by falling for the guise of compromise, middle ground, and moderation.

America faces many challenges today. In order to solve these challenges we must have a steel spine. To find and reclaim our steel spine we must look to America's past for guidance. It is in our past, our history, and our foundation that we will find the simple truths, the whole story, and the solutions to the challenges that we face today.

As Ronald Reagan told us in 1981:

"It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden. And these will be our first priorities, and on these principles there will be no compromise."

Bringing real change to the political landscape of Hollywood is a challenge to say the least. But these last two years we have seen the begining of a possible cultural shift in the entertainment industry.

Real change is possible if we stay vigilant, stay focused, and reject the know-it-alls who claim to be on our side. They (not the left) are the biggest threat to the restoration of America.

They must conform to us. Not the other way around.

When we listen to the tight faced wet blankets, we lose. When we do the right thing we win.

We will not be blurred, we will not be indistinguishable.

(The Truth About Sarah Palin & Independent Voters)

Talking to Hollywood Republicans on Tuesday night was galvanizing. They want to do the right thing. Their ears perk up when you speak truth to them.

For too long Hollywood Republicans have been ravaged by the myth of the Independent Voter and the imaginary Electable Centrist. Deep down even they know its garbage.

There is a reason that a steel spine is so enticing. It gets results.

The mortgaging of our future stops now.

Bold Colors. No Pale Pastels.

It is too early to conclude whether Hollywood’s emerging non-liberal class will influence the types of movies and television shows produced in Hollywood in the coming years.

But one thing is certain. As long as the spirit of the individual lives on; there will be hope. There will be change. Positive change.

Game on!

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