Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Are They Real Racists?

The Feds are in the middle of a lawsuit against Arizona and its governor, Jan Brewer, while Arizona is only doing what the federal government refuses to do – enforce illegal immigration laws. Americans citizens (of all ethnic backgrounds, including Latino legal immigrant citizens) who are against border jumpers who bring in illegal drugs and defy American laws are called racists (they are not against legal immigration) there are brainwashed Mexican fascists called the Brown Berets and other subversive organizations who claim that Americans are Europeans and must go back to Europe so Mexicans can take over what is rightfully theirs. Mexicans are not Mayans nor are they Aztec, but the result of Spanish conquest of the Americas, specifically Central and South America. Some still speak the original tongue, but all speak Spanish, which comes from Europe and spoken in a nation called Spain. They claim Americans are Nazi and racists for wanting to control immigration for national security, ensuring there is employment and for those who wish to assimilate as an American citizen and not some Mexican conquistador. They claim that all the Americas belong to them. Mexico gained independence from Spain and Spain once had settlements and outposts in California and Florida – but Spain is not complaining because they abandoned those settlements long before Mexico gained independence from Spain. In historical recognition, many place names and even towns and cities have Spanish names in honor of the first Europeans who settled in the AmericasLos Angeles, New Mexico, California, et cetera.

Lloyd Marcus: Tea Party Patriot
News media has been spouting, along with progressive movement organizations that the Tea Party movement is a group or groups of people who are racist and have a racist attitude. It is because they are protesting taxation, lack of representation, government unwilling to listen to the people, federal government not enforcing its immigration laws, encouraging illegal immigrants to remain in US, and elected officials ignoring the Constitution of the United States against an administration and our president who are African descendants. Apparently this means that if anyone has a beef against what the government does and is doing, it is not relevant because of the race of the president and/or his selected officials in the federal government. Falsely it is claimed that the Tea Party movement is a bunch of white racists. It is true that the protesters are predominantly white, but hardly a group who doesn’t have some representations of different ethnic people within their midst. The mainstream media is selective in who they photograph, if they cover the Tea Party events at all.Their platform is not racist.
Imagine if Americans would go down to Mexico and complain about the same things the Brown Berets and their ilk do in America, specifically in Mexifornia. California created their woes, self-inflicted by wanting to be a welfare state and showing how it can bankrupt any state doing so - once California was the 5th wealthiest state in the world.  It is heading to be a Third World state, much like Mexico has become with its corrupt government and political ideologies. California has, and is, just a prelude of what is about to happen across America.
So, as Selwyn Duke, American Thinker wrote on July 22nd 2010:
People who advocated welfare reform in the 1990s were accused of being "racist." If you're for border control, you're "racist." If you criticize Obama, you're "racist." If you oppose quotas, you're "racist." If you say that, be it nature or nurture, there are differences among groups, you're "racist." If you want English to be the national language, you're "racist." The word has become meaningless, used only to stifle and stigmatize opposition. And if calling you a heretic worked in that regard, the left would do that. And if calling you a Fig Newton worked, they would do that
Duke wrote:
The point is that you can't prove you're not a "racist" to the left, because they'll just define "racist" as being whatever you are. In fact, sap conservatives, understand something: You're not going to "prove" anything to the NAACP. You're not going to prove anything to the mainstream media. You're not going to prove anything to any dyed-in-the-fool liberal. They are enemies. And enemies aren't interested in proof; they're interested in propaganda. … If you were engaging in a cold war against the Nazis in 1938, would you bend over backwards to "prove" to them that their propaganda about you was invalid? Of course not! They know it's invalid -- that's the nature of propaganda. And it's designed to invalidate you. And you don't respond to enemies with defensiveness and measured responses. … And what of civility? Be wary. When the left is civil -- or calls for civility -- it's usually a ruse. It's simply the tactic that best helps them achieve their aims at the moment. Here's how it works: Leftists lie through their teeth, and then, when you respond with righteous indignation, they pout like little girls, saying, "You're mean! You're intolerant! What happened to civility? [Translation: You called our lies lies! How dare you?]" Understand that the effect here is to stop sap conservatives from calling lies lies, thus allowing the left to use its greatest weapon with impunity. Also understand that the worst form of impoliteness is insincerity in discourse. … Leftists are cowards. They are creatures of the pack, finding their strength only in numbers. After all, what do you think being politically correct is all about? It means doing what's fashionable in our time, what makes you popular. A man who believes in Truth, such as Thomas More, will die for his principles, alone, twisting in the wind. A liberal goes the way the wind blows and will die for nothing. Stand up to leftists en masse, and they'll fold like a tent
So free yourself. Laugh at the "racism" shtick. Make it a badge of honor. Call leftists what they are: cowards, bigots, liars, demagogues, and worst of all by far, enemies of Truth. Fight fire with fire. Remember, millions of good Americans are sick and tired of political correctness and will stand with you. So just say to our leftist legal aliens: If you like name-calling and you want to fight, OK. I'm a racist, sexist homophobe, and I'm in your face. What's it to ya?
The video at the end of this posting shows what the Brown Beret movement is all about, a brown version of the Black Panther Party – nothing but a rejuvenation of the Nazi Brown Shirts whose hatred spread across a country, destroying it and taking many lives before its end. While this video and the people the Brown Beret represent make me angry, angry that Americans have welcomed hundreds of millions of people from other lands, only asking that they register properly, apply through the channels and assimilate to become an American; for if they want it otherwise, why leave from whence they came?
Sadly, this movement represented in this video is going to hurt the image of Mexican Americans who are legal naturalized citizens; Americans must fight the urge to be angry at all Mexicans for the actions of the Brown Beret and other subversive, racist and fascist organizations that should be declared for what they are: subversives here not to assimilate and live in peace, enjoying fruits of freedom and prosperity they didn’t have from whence they came. It still brings up the question, if Mexico is so much better – why did they leave? It is because Mexico doesn’t hold a match to what America offers; and that’s because of what system was established when it was founded. America has had its problems, its dark moments in history; but we have prevailed and worked to make things better.
The video you are about to watch will not be found at CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and other mainstream media venues – because it is against the propaganda they push for the element they support in America. I am sure your reaction will be as mine – anger, sadness and resolution to rid America of the progressives who will turn our Jeffersonian republic into something worse than it already has become. Reformation can only happen if, as Duke wrote:
A man who believes in Truth, such as Thomas More, will die for his principles, alone, twisting in the wind. A liberal goes the way the wind blows and will die for nothing. Stand up to leftists en masse, and they'll fold like a tent

This video says it all - where is the mainstream media outrage?

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  1. Those duped into the "take back half of the US" movement under the guise that it was "theirs" seem to forget that their own government ceded those lands to the US in return for millions in payment ... and their own government held dominion over that acerage for something like - what - 40 years only.

    They'd better take their nonsense gripe up with their own government down south of the border. The land, while being "theirs" was of great question and of short duration (and which was owned for hundreds of years or more before that by many other countries) was bought and paid for by the US. Sorry you dissatisfied and gullible low lifes, you don't own a damned square inch of it.