Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Want My Bailout

UPS, Fannie Mae, GMC ... bailouts ... but congressional members think they should not extend the unemployment compensation (paid for by American businesses across the nation) for the regular folks who are having difficulty finding employment with all those jobs President Obama and his czars keep telling us is appearing.

I'm with this guy ... heading to Washington, DC to find out where I can get my bailout. How about you?

President Obama wants more Moslems to be educated so they can enter the space program and extend their Islamic fundamentalism goals of domination; President Obama and government czar and bureaucrats say it is impossible to track down all illegal immigrants - but FedEx and UPS can track down a package in real time on the Internet. Newt Gingrich suggests that the American government send all illegal immigrants a package through UPS or FedEx ...

A clear demonstration that businesses should be kept in the private sector and that government spend more time paying attention to constitutional law that is the rule of law that explains just exactly what is the job of government - it certainly is not taking over the business of the private sector and the lives of private citizens.

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