Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama is a Usurper - Washington Times Advertorial

obama is a usurper washington timesToday, December 14, 2009, published a full-page advertorial in the Washington Times based on another graphic concept produced here at Jefferson's Rebels.

President Obama has paid at least $1.7 million in attorney fees to keep all his personal records secret from the American citizens he purports to serve.

Therefore, if you would like to counter Obama's overflowing moneypot with an offer of financial or logistical support to the authors of this campaign, please donate to Mr. Kerchner tells me that "If a thousand or more conservatives only gave $10 every three months our basic funding needs would be met for the foreseeable future. I know how to do more with less. I can do a lot with very little money using synergy. But a certain basic amount of dollars is needed." To read the pending lawsuit, seeKerchner et al vs Obama et al lawsuit. For further legal analyses and pending actions, see attorney Mario Apuzzo's blog.

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