Monday, December 21, 2009

Oxymorons: Corrupt Leadership & Secret Government

Look at these faces! Remember them well. These are America's 21st century fascists.

When I first saw this picture, I nearly gagged. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such brazen, corrupt behavior by politicians. They are the masters of Democratic dirty politics. Name your most-hated bill, and they will be it's proponents. All their proposals are anti-capitalist and illogical. Every promise they have made has been broken. Virtually every statement they make is a lie. It beggars belief that they have the gall to stand before a banner proclaiming "Honest Leadership, Open Government". Pelosi's smug smile reminds me that they are practicing Alinskyites.

David Horowitz explains:

Conservatives think of war as a metaphor when applied to politics. For radicals the war is real. That is why partisans of the left set out to destroy their opponents, not just refute their arguments. It is also why they never speak the truth. Deception for them is a military tactic in a war that is designed to elminate their opponents.

The most basic principle of Alinsky’s advice to radicals is, lie to your opponents and potential opponents and disarm them by pretending to be moderates, liberals. This has been the most potent weapon of the left since the end of the Sixties. Racists like Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright posing as civil rights activists, radicals like Henry Waxman and Barney Frank posing as liberals.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the others know the public is extremely angry, and that we will seek retribution in the next two elections for having shoved unwanted bills, especially healthcare, down our throats. You can bet they are plotting strategies, as you read this, to undermine conservative votes in 2010 and 2012.

Will they subvert our votes by changing the way the Democratic National Committee Services Corporation (a private club) chooses its presidential candidates? Also see "Out of The Mouths of Babes".

Will they use the census to count illegals in order to gain seats now that the Executive Branch has control of the census?

Will they use taxpayer money to fund ACORN or a similar organization to attempt voter fraud?

Will they receive support from the voting machine industry, as they did in 2000 when employees of Sequoia Voting Systems "had been given no choice, despite protestation after protestation, to use inferior paper stock in making the ballots for Florida only in the 2000 Presidential Election. Moreover, they were instructed, again despite their protestations, to misalign the chads on the ballots being sent to Palm Beach County only."

Conservatives, gird your loins, eyes forward, ears open, keyboards at the ready. We are at war!

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