Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Obama in India

In his campaign in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, liked himself to Abraham Lincoln and with ideologies of the New Deal of FDR and other socialist oriented politicians and social parasites.
Lincoln freed the slaves because slavery should not be part of a constitutional republic, a country that professed to be free and who promoted liberty. Lincoln did not initiate Civil Rights for those freed slaves. Indeed, he knew, being a logical man, that freed slaves would be mistreated in American society. He never was able to institute a proposal of his plan (and ideas of others) to emigrate former slaves and volunteer educated slaves who already were 'free' to a secured US territory. Cuba was considered, to be purchased from Spain. Providing them funds and the articles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights amendments; the idea was for them to govern themselves in their own state. Good plan, but Lincoln was assassinated. The economic situation after the long civil war probably would have prevented a deal and Cuba was most not likely available to purchase from Spain.
But that is just history now.
Fast forward to the Obama visit to India, using as a side pleasure trip as the First Lady went also. During that trip he made his usual degrading comments about his own country, that he is the leader of. He talked about being discriminated against because of his skin pigmentation and about the “terrible poverty” existing. No country exists or ever will that does not have impoverished people, and what the United States considers poverty is not considered so in many other countries.
It is shameful and immature that a President of the United States when in a foreign country finds a need to smear his own country. As Thomas Sowell wrote:
Years after the last lynching of blacks took place in the Jim Crow South, India's own government was still publishing annual statistics on atrocities against the untouchables, including fatal atrocities. The June 2003 issue of "National Geographic" magazine had a chilling article on the continuing atrocities against untouchables in India in the 21st century. … The history of the human race has not always been a pretty picture, regardless of what part of the world you look at, and regardless of whatever color of the rainbow the people have been. … Far from benefiting ghetto blacks, the vision presented by the Obama administration, and the policies growing out of that vision, have a track record of counterproductive results on both sides of the Atlantic -- that is, among low-income whites in England as well as low-income blacks in the United States.
The January 31st issue of the distinguished British magazine "The Economist" reports that the children of African refugees from Somalia do far better in school than low-income British children in general. … These are "well-ordered children" and their parents understand that education "is their ticket out of poverty." Contrast that with the Obama administration's threatening schools with federal action if they do not reduce their disciplining of black males for misbehavior. …
The biggest advantage that the children of low-income immigrants have over the children of native-born, low-income families is that low-income immigrants have not been saturated for generations with the rhetoric of victimhood and hopelessness, spread by people like Obama, Holder and their counterparts overseas.
Obama attended Harvard Law School, a place that American students only dream about and also attended private schools out of the country. What desparity did he suffer? He was able to do so because of the government minority programs and took advantage of it. So, instead of being thankful for the opportunity to improve himself and not live in poverty - he was afforded the chance to be educated. It is like his book, writing about a father he never really knew, who did not care enough to stick around. Obama's life, that which is not shrouded in mystery and secrecy, is made up of a series of illusions and those illusions bolster Obama's pathetic egotism.  Just as his policies and promises, it is all an illusion that is combined with he recognizes as success - or at least wants everyone else to believe. I can imagine what will be in his presidential library that has come to be a tradition with presidents after they have served their term or terms as President of the United States. I am sure he will be able to muster enough duped donors for the project.

Here in Wisconsin it is reported that income has increased, but so has poverty rates – probably because it is so difficult to keep up with the rising costs of everything except gasoline. Check out the video at Thomas Sowell article. Notice in the video that low-income “poverty” people in the United States are 'portly', but impoverished people in other countries are underweight because of lack of proper diet.

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  1. And now Muslims with food stamps complain about needing more Halal foods.
    At least when the Ditzy Chicks bad-mouthed Bush, we could stop buying their records and stop going to their concerts.
    We're stuck with the worst president on record, and losing more of the country I grew up in, every day.
    God bless America. Please.
    Have a blessed February. Hate taxes more than ever this year.