Friday, February 6, 2015

Obama and the Internet

The US Department of Internet ...
Beginning in 2012, the year morons kept him and his crew in Washington, even after a myriad of scandals and the truth about Benghazi was revealed two months before November 2012 election; Obama has been systematically been working at Federal control of the Internet. He and the progressives are seeking a means to increase the tax revenue in order to fund overspending that has doubled the national debt that the Bush administration left; of which Obama used in his campaign in order to look good to the public. Pointing fingers does not solve problems, as Obama and friends have amply demonstrated. It takes action. Voters have not figured out that pattern when considering candidates for office. It is easy to condemn a political opponent - but demonstrating that their solutions are better is more important than sleaze campaigning.

The Feds have already taken over your healthcare, now they are after the Internet. Despite the people's hatred of the IRS, that department of the unlimited growth of government continues to operate because Congress will not take the time to change the tax system. Everything the government has taken over has become a nightmare, Social Security, for example. The postal system that is a congressional constitutional task has ended up in danger of financial trouble. Despite the federal government's poor record of operating our government, politicians continually seek new avenues of control. Government no longer serves the people, but is the opposite. All of that internal and exponential growth costs money to employ more citizens, which has a danger of becoming a government where most or everything belongs to the state.

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