Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama: Savior of America?

Maybe BH Obama truly does not believe he is the Second Coming, but some of his fans think so. Just nine months into his presidency he is awarded a Nobel Prize (for Peace?).
His face is plastered everywhere with icons and symbols that seems to be the "in" thing, maybe to replace the official flag of the United States?
The media depicts him in many ways, FDR, Abraham Lincoln (Obama replaced Winston Churchill bust in Oval Office with Abe's likeness even before he took his oath of office - which was bungled by the Supreme Court Justice and had to later be redone privately in the Oval Office to make it official.
The change that voters hoped for never materialized. The Hope they wish for has been dashed. Voters didn't ensure they had the details of just what type of change Obama was intending.

The image of Obama is in comic books, on the face of watches, his book that reveals what a disturbed person he is, much like Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, if you can get around the self glorification. he has been determined by several psychiatrists as suffering from Narcissism. His ego is definitely inflated. Problem is that it is frightening that so many Americans still believe in him, replacing "Hope and Change" signs with "Obama Then, Obama Now - Obama is for ALL the People. Yeah, right.
His name is Islamic (one of his names), but he professes to be Christian; yet favors Islam over Christianity when it comes to foreign affairs. He is a man of mystery, and like Jesus of Nazareth who had a gap in what we know of him from the age of 13 to 30, Obama has unknown periods in his life, or inserted with things made up.
Fans of Obama say he is a man that cares, that is why they support him. They support him because he provides free cell phones for poor folks, and other wonderful things that other citizens pay for. It wouldn't surprise me if poor folks get free Turkeys this Christmas if he wins the November election.
Andrew Klavan at PJTV has a great video that depicts much of this and an article entitled Klavan On The Culture.
Another article states about the new Norton Reader, a required book to have when I attended literature classes at the University of Maryland, and in high school English classes as well - has the Obama Cairo Speech in it. That is classic American literature? My how things have changed in colleges and universities today.
Here is Mr. Klavan's video:

What ever would America do without Barack Obama?
I certainly would like to find out in November.
To view video about Obama Entitlement Fans - Click HERE.

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